How YOU can save money on your home, NOW!

Its Spring and if you haven’t noticed, it’s home season on my blog. I have been running lots and lots of home posts, because frankly, now if the time to get your home in order. In every way possible. Finances and all!

If you are lucky enough to have your own home, or at least rent one, it will come to no surprise to hear that modern homes are darn expensive! Before we even get to the monthly expenses of bills and mortgage / rent, there is a huge amount of money you have to part with to even secure your property.

It would be lovely to think that even though you have scrimped together a deposit, amongst other things, unfortunately, the expenditure never ceases. However, there are some things you can do, to help lower your monthly expenditure of owning your own home!

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Maintaining your home to the best standard possible will help lower the risk of unexpected bills, and breakage. Getting your boiler and heating system regularly checked by a professional will help ensure they are in tip top working condition.

Breakage or strain on your boiler can cause further and more expensive damage to other parts of the system. Getting someone in once a year will help make sure any issues or concerns are caught early, and hopefully save you money and headache in the long run! 


Even when you do take precaution, it can be impossible to stop all breakages in your home. When something goes wrong, choosing the right company to help you will be the best way to keep prices down. Be sure to shop around on comparison and review websites. Always ask for more than one quote, and consider whether family connections can help you get a cheaper deal! 

Energy Costs

The price of energy is always changing. Some companies are able to provide much better deals than others, and the provider you’re with may not have the best rates. Finding cheap energy is a simple matter of shopping around and using comparison sites to understand the market. With these resources, it can be fairly easy to lower your energy bills, you just got to research and shop around first! 


Wrapping a big blanket around your home is often the best way to keep it nice and warm during winter. Insulation is the best way to do this, being cheap and easy to install, while also providing loads of savings. In the ceilings, you can lay out thick sheets of fibreglass to keep heat in, but the walls may have to be handled by a professional.


Like energy, the prices you pay for water could always be subject to change. Thankfully, most people are on a meter with this, and this makes it easier to monitor and change your bills based on your usage. Using economy flush tools in your toilet, reducing shower times, and only boiling enough water for the drinks you’re making will all lower the costs of your water. With small and inexpensive changes like these, a lot of money can be saved on water bills. 

Running your home will never be as cheap as you would like. But one thing is for sure, shop around as much as you can. Invest time in searching for good deals, and do not be afraid to change provider. 

What do you do to save money in your home? 

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