Signs it is time to move home!

Signs it is time to move home!

Moving home is a big decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. It can take a huge amount of time and decision making to establish whether you are ready to make the move to another place. But there are plenty of signs to look out for which will hopefully help you establish your next move, without wasting too much time. 

So, is the time to move now? Let’s take a look at some of the key signs…

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You know what you want 

One of the clearest signs that you are ready to move home is that you know exactly what you want. When you buy your first property, it is very unlikely that it completely fits the bill regarding what you want and need. You probably didn’t even realise what you wanted and needed when you bought it! Your first property is always a learning curve, but now you have been on this journey, you should have a good idea of what makes the perfect home for you.

If you’re highlighting flaws and commenting on what you want next, this is a clear sign that a move is a good idea.

Your credit report is positive 

Having a stable and positive credit report can impact hugely on your ability on making the move. You certainly are not ready to move if you do not have a good credit report. You can easily access your credit report online today, so this is something you should do now to see how your credit score shapes up. If there is room for improvement, work on this before moving. There are plenty of ways you can improve your credit rating. Not only does this involve paying off your debt, but allowing your accounts to mature and avoiding credit applications can also be very beneficial.

Your finances are in good order 

It is easy to assume that a good credit report and good finances go hand-in-hand. But it is possible to have one and not the other. Before you even think about looking for a new home, take a look at your finances. Do you have a good amount of savings? Can you afford the move? You should put together a budget, and this should involve everything from searching for the cheapest mover in your area to determining how much you will need for new furniture and property taxes. You should then add 10 per cent onto the final figure just so you can make sure you do not end up falling short. If you do not have the money for the move at present, dedicate yourself to saving and you soon will.

If any of the signs that have been mentioned above sound familiar, it is highly likely that you are ready to move home. While it can be difficult to let go of your current property, it is important to see it as part of journey. You’re not leaving somewhere behind; you’re simply adding something new to your life and going on a new adventure!

Charlotte x