Simple home improvements that will change your mind about moving!

Whilst we may feel like there is no hope left in our property, I live by the idea of ‘improving before moving’. Money can be lost with constantly upping sticks, and packing bags. Improvements can always be made to any property, whether it be big or small.

Even the most smallest or cheapest improvements can make a bigggg difference to your home, and the overall feel of your property. Feeling like you have outgrown can be pretty hard to combat, but there are plenty of changes that can be made to make your property suit you all over again.

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Every now and then, people get that itch to change things around, even the furniture. Have a look at the rooms in your home and figure out how you can switch the layout. Declutter what is in the bookcases and shelves and even give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This is a bigger job when you’re actually doing it, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay compared to buying all over again. The change to the layout for a room can impact hugely on how you use the space, or even feel about the room.


What jobs around the house have you wanted to start but haven’t got around to? Renovating the loft space to add an extra room, having someone come in to do the garage door servicing so that your car has a safe and dry place to stay and even digging out the garden out the back so that you can plant greenery. These are all mini renovations that your house could benefit from. Look at the funds that you have and how long each job would take as well as the disruption and go for it!


Sometimes, simply changing the type of flooring in the house can transform it. Adding wooden tiles or lino to the ground floor and tearing up darker carpets in favour of lighter options can make your house look ten times brighter and bigger than it ever has. This small improvement can be done cheaply, especially if you know a good carpet fitter who can give you a deal.


Older houses have outdated lighting fixtures. You can choose to either honour this original feature or tear it out in favour of something sturdier and more modern. Take your time to choose and watch how your home lights up in style.

Moving out isn’t always the right answer, but if you do your small improvements and still don’t feel like it’s right, it may be time to call the estate agent!

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I’m a hugeeee advocate for improving rather than moving and hopefully some of these improvements have swayed you into working on what you have before looking to move.