Three Vital things to be aware of when your planning your Wedding Day

Three Vital things to be aware of when your planning your Wedding Day

If you’ve just got engaged, or just on the cusp of planning your very special day, then there are a few things you will want to be aware of to make the whole planning ordeal that much easier for yourself.

My biggest advice would be to grab all the advice and knowledge you can going into the planning aspect. You’re much more likely to make the most of it, get exactly what you want, and still keep all of your guests happy as well.

These three things are well worth considering before lifting a finger, dialling a number or booking anything. The further you go into planning your day, the harder it becomes to alter, change or modify your original decisions.

Take your time, and read on for the 3 most vital things to consider when planning your wedding day.

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The Trends

Even though you want your wedding to be unique, chances are you are going to incorporate some of the latest trends. It’s only natural since that’s what all your inspiration will come from, and all the wedding providers will be plugging.

Explore the many trends that are in popular demand, as well as the upcoming ones that are floating around. Be sure to take a look at one of the many on line wedding guides , since they have advice on the hot wedding looks and how you can pull them off on your special day! 

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Your Own Desires

Some of us have a clear and strong vision of their wedding day from the outset and that’s great. Bloody handy actually. Now you want to bring those visions and wants into fruition and make sure you fit those ideas into the planning.

Before you go ahead and set your heart on the wedding of your dreams, make sure you check in on your budget. There is nothing worse than pinning everything you want, but finding out it is completely out of reach.

A great tip would be to write down everything you want and need from your wedding day, and everything that would be nice. These are pretty different things so be sure to tackle the deal breaker aspects first before you focus on the luxuries. 

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There are certain areas in which you probably want to bow to tradition, even if it means that you are going to have to compromise on something that you and your partner really want to happen in the big day. Traditions can be anything from being given away by your father, father of the bride speech first, and even the bride and groom not seeing each other before the service. 

All of these traditions can me modified or all together scrapped if you want to. Quirky ideas like before the ceremony shoot with your soon to be husband can be a great alternative to a tradition, and give you some gorgeous extra shots. Be open to tradition, but be aware also that they can be moulded and changed to make your day special.

Charlotte x