Weekly Ten – First Edition

In a recent post ( this one >> How to support fellow bloggers ) I mentioned an idea of sharing fellow bloggers work within your very own post. This is something I did a very long time ago and just never continued to do.

But since, I feel I have really found my feet in the blogging world. We all create some ruddy good work and sometimes we just don’t get the love we deserve. Totally dis-heartening when we all take so much pride in our work.

So, I’m bringing it back, and hoping some of you might be inspired to do something similar. Here’s the first installment of everything I have been loving over the past week!

Blog content

Jasmine Charlotte -I want to do EVERYTHING but also spend time on the couch – On balance

I completely resonate with this post! So refreshing to read and truly honest for many of us. A must read!

Lucy Cole – You are my sunshine

I love Lucy’s content and style! This one is just perfect for Spring!

Maries Connections – First time home buyer- What we learned.

If you haven’t read this one you need to. Loads of hints, tips and advice for first time buyers!

Hayley Hall – We Need To Chat About Knowing Your Worth

I completely agree with Hayley on this one. It’s so hard to know what to charge and get involved in as a blogger, but it’s all about knowing what personally works for you. This is a must read for all bloggers working with brands.

The Chic Cupcake – Recipe: Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Chicken

This sounds delish and sure is on my must do recipe list. Me love my chicken and peanut butter!

Instagram Feeds

The Fashion Blogger

I love Holly’s feed and her looks! I am always eyeing up her style, especially now Spring is underway!

Madi Williams

Madi’s photography is everything I aspire to be! I love her feed and bright surroundings! Loved every snap this week!

Jodie Melissa

I am obsessed with Jodie’s feed and stories! I feel I can completely relate as she gets closer to her own wedding. Gorgeous feed and snaps. Check out if you don’t follow already!

Natalie Leanne

Natalie’s snaps are always so raw and honest. Love her chatty style captions. Follow follow follow!

Abi Richards

I love Abi’s interiors! I dond;t know how she captures the moods the way she does, but man I love her feed!

There we have it, the weekly ten, first edition! I hope this has inspired you to show your fav bloggers some love, and check out some of the other fantastic feed’s and blogs full of stunning content that is just waiting to be enjoyed!

Do you follow any of these bloggers?

Are you going to do a similar post?

Let me know in the comment section below!