Don’t feel boxed into your own home

Don’t feel boxed into your own home

We owe it to our minds and bodies to relax from time to time. It seems that now, there’s not much of a chance. Your own home should be a place that you can sit down, switch off, and not think about the pressures of what is outside your front door. But, a lot of people don’t have a relaxing home environment. And for some, whether you are looking to decorate your home so it looks more relaxing, or you are trying to find the best way to calm down within these four walls, how best can you do it?

Play With Lighting

What makes you relaxed? Is it harsh overhead lighting, or is it a warm glow? It’s more than likely to be the latter. If you don’t have much light in the home, purchase a few lamps, and drop them around, but also think about investing in dimmer switches. As well as this, do you have a fireplace? There is nothing more inviting during the autumn and winter than a glowing fireplace. A log fire is always something that looks fantastic in a living room, but also helps you calm down. If you want to learn more about log fires or wood burning stoves, there are many resources online, but you need to trust your instincts and think about what makes you relaxed. For a lot of people, it is that warming glow that takes us back to a simpler time.

Do You Need To De-clutter?

If you have a messy home, de cluttering is a simple way to calm any anxiety. If you have a messy home, you have a messy mind. By taking a lot of the junk out and embracing a more minimalist way of living, this will calm you down, but your home will look great. Minimalism is a trend that’s a lot of interior designers are going for now, but you don’t need to keep up with the times, because being minimalist is going to benefit you now and long after it’s unfashionable.

Do You Need To Live Simpler?

It’s not just about what you put in or take out of the home, but asking yourself if you need to live a simpler life? De-cluttering is the key to this, but think about your own needs, especially in relation to material goods. Do you have a lot of stuff that you don’t really need? Think about this, and if you need to live simpler, it’s going to give you a profound impact on your life.

Decorate The Outside

What do you see first when you come home? The outside, so make it more inviting. Decorate the outside, by adding plants, or window boxes, and ensure that your pathway is clear. And if you’ve got a badly colored door, paint it a better one!

To relax in your own home is a priority, but you need to think about every aspect, not just how you decorate the place, but your own needs and wants, so you can switch off as soon as you are on approach to your home. Your home needs to be this relaxing, make it so.

Charlotte x