Creating a garden to be proud of with – 15 Tips

Summer truly is on its way and with a bit of luck we’re going to be experiencing deliciously warm temperatures in the UK. Or at least that’s what the experts in the Met Office think, and who are we to disagree?

If it is as good as predicted, then we’re all going to want to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible, and, for that to happen, that means we really need to have our gardens in order. After all, who wants to invite friends and family around for those balmy BBQ evenings, and be embarrassed that their garden isn’t all that it should be?

So here are some meaty tips below that will give you a garden – both front and back – that everyone can enjoy.

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Learn About Grass

There’s nothing better than kicking back in the garden, barefoot, as we lie in the grass with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. For that, we’re going to need to have a lawn that an English estate would be proud of. While it’s not difficult to achieve, you will need to know some important tips to ensure that your patch of green doesn’t become patchy or dead. All you need to do is keep on top of your weed control, don’t cut it too short, water it in the morning (especially on extra hot days), and keep it well-fed with fertilizer. Simple!

Add Stone Features

A garden that’s only full of grass might sound appealing, but it’ll get pretty boring after a while. To keep things fresh, you’ll want to mix things up, and have as many different “natural” elements present as possible. Start with stone. Stone features in the garden blend in well with the natural vibe and mix up the landscape at the same time. How you do this will be up to you, but you could always have a miniature stone wall lying around the edge of the grass, creating a division between your green area and the plants. Or you could create a stone walkway from your back-door to an area at the back of your garden, such as a water feature or bench.

A Colourful Garden

Nature is full of colour, and your garden is nature, so…make sure it’s full of colour! For this, you’re going to need to begin your gardening journey, and get some flowers in the ground. If you’re new to the game, then opt for the flowers that don’t require much work, which means all-weather perennial plants. You can go for the lime and yellow hues of the iron butterfly; the purple salvia Caradonna; or the blue Rozanne flower. In no time, your garden will be a brilliant show of colour. Nice!

Bring the Light

People tend to have mixed feelings when it comes to lighting in their garden, but don’t discount it straight away. They can be a brilliant way to softly illuminate the garden, especially on warm summer nights. They just make the garden feel alive for larger parts of the day, and who doesn’t want that? In any case, if not in the garden itself, you’ll want to have some lighting options for the areas where you and your family will be sitting. And talking of which…

Relaxing Spaces

You can’t have a garden that you’re proud of if you can’t host people there. That’s just a fact, and we won’t hear any arguments to the contrary. As such, make sure you’re dedicating plenty of time to thinking about how you can bring the social aspect of your garden to life. The emphasis should be on blending the aesthetic with the comfortable, and a varied style of seating. For example, you’ll want to buy the standard garden table and chairs for those BBQ evenings (Oh yeah: buy a good barbecue, too), but also have a couple of lounge chairs available for when the temperatures are really soaring. If you’re committed to doing this ‘relaxing in the garden’ thing right, then go for the hammock. They’re just about the best things in the world, and you’ll never get tired of it.

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Add Decoration

It will suffice to simply have seating options available in your outdoor relaxing zone, but let’s be honest, this won’t be especially homey, will it? As such, try to make your garden feel like any other room in the home. You’ll want to have those personal touches, collections from your travels, quirky, rustic DIY creations, and so on. It’s not necessary but will make the space all the more enjoyable, especially when you’re spending the night their unwinding by yourself.

Use the Space Well

We’ve been talking so far as if you have a large garden to play with, but of course, in England, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you’re going to have to try your best with just a small plot of land. But there are ways to make your space feel larger than it really is. If you’re hoping to get into the gardening game, then take a look at vertical gardening; it’s a highly efficient way to grow plants and vegetables. You can also make the most of your little bit at the side of your garden, if you have a semi-detached home. Even if it’s just a small grassy area with table and chairs, it’ll feel like a little extra “room” in your garden.

Front of House

You don’t just have a backyard; you also have space in front of your home too. Don’t forget to give this aspect of your garden due attention! In many ways, this is more important than the back garden, because this is the place that everybody who passes your home sees. And indeed, it can be a major factor when it comes to your home’s value. Make your garden a blend of the natural (plants, etc.), and the practical (a pathway to get to your home, a place to park your car).

Forgotten Extras

But it’s not just the big things that make the difference in your front garden. Very often, it’s those small, subtle aspects that make the biggest impact. Take, for example, your doors – both the garage and your front door. These provide opportunities to put an extra stamp of aesthetic appeal on your property, and in an unobtrusive way, too. You can find a designer garage door at, and have a garage that stands out from the crowd. For your front door, you don’t have to automatically gravitate towards a double glazed front door; instead, go big and bright. You’ll find that your home is much more interesting to look at when you return home from work.

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Alas, a gardener’s work is never finished. Once you’ve got your garden in presentable shape, make sure you’re staying on top of the maintenance; it doesn’t take long for a garden to begin to fall back into its old state if it’s left unattended. This is especially important when it comes to your outdoor furniture. You don’t need reminding that there’s plenty of rain in the UK, and if you’re not taking steps to prevent damage, you might find that it’s quickly responsible for wearing down your relaxing space.

For the Kids

If you have children, then it’s unlikely they’re going to be all that impressed by the beauty of your flowers; that’s an appreciation that only comes with age. So why not include something for them in the garden, too? You’ll be able to enjoy your garden much more if you’re able to look out and see that your children are having an enjoyable time, too. You don’t have to do anything major. Small touches such as a swing set, paddling pool, or “kid’s corner” with bean bags and books will go a long way!

Get Growing

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to visit a supermarket, ever again? It’s true…well, at least for some products, anyway. All you need to is set up a vegetable patch in your garden. Don’t be intimidated: these are amazingly fun and don’t require as much hard work as you might imagine. And you can even get the kids involved. There’s nothing better than a weekend in the garden, getting your hands dirty, growing food!

Boost the Privacy

You need to be able to fully unwind in your garden, and for that to happen, you’ll need to make sure there’s an element of privacy involved. If your garden is currently lacking in privacy, then don’t take a look at adding fencing around the edge, or adding a large hedge.

Go Big

Finally, why not be ambitious? To really make your garden stand out, consider adding one of those features that’ll be the envy of all of your neighbours. If you love to relax, then look at the hot tub; if you’re more of an “awesome moments under the stars” kind of person, go for the outdoor cinema.

Will you be making any changes to your garden before summer?

Got any ideas that should be added to my list? 

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