Four things to be thankful for today

Four things to be thankful for today

Life is ruddy stressful at the best of times. And it’s often that we all tend to focus on the negative. Perhaps because of health issues, problems with work, or any event that gets in the way of our happiness, we can take on this ‘glass half empty mentality.’ Instead, we should practice gratitude. Finding ways to stay positive instead of dwelling on the difficulties in life, we should be able to rise above our stresses and think and feel better overall.

It’s something your really have to train yourself to do, but once you start to focus more on the positives, you whole mentality and attitude can completely change. Here are just 4 things you should be thankful today. 

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No one is perfect, that’s for sure. But if anyone comes close to it, its our parents. You wouldn’t be the person you are today if it wasn’t for their love, support and ultimately their influences. Whether they are unfortunately in a care home or lucky live round the corner, be sure to make an effort and show the love. 

Small things

These are the things we often overlook in the day, but sometimes we should slow down and take notice of them. It’s only when we have the reverse or lose something altogether that we think ‘crap, I forgot how good that was‘. 

A true example would be when you have a blocked nose. Or the sunshine and heat disappears overnight. These are pretty trivial and hopefully short term effects but the feeling is all the same. Overall, we should just stop an pause for a second a day and embrace what we have. Laughter, clean water, a job, a home, a loved one! Our days are littered with these mundane but vital things that all lead to overall happiness. Embrace them whilst you have them! 

Life’s challenges

Admittedly, this is the toughest of them all. How can you be thankful for those things that give you stress and a headache? How can you be thankful for the things that could negatively impact your day? It’s not easy, but then you shouldn’t let them get you down, either. Look at these challenges as things that will help you grow. You have dealt with your challenges before, and you will do so again. Sometimes, the obstacles in our life are there for a reason, but by rising above them, you will become a better person. Get help when you need it, of course, but be thankful for those times when you have developed as a result of your hardships.


Whilst religion may not be something you consider or think about at the moment, it’s well worth exploring. It can open a world where forgiveness and support is there for all. When struggling with loss and hardships, religion can offer you the peace and stability you maybe didn’t even know you needed. You need not go to church or prayer often, just be open to the idea of religion as a whole, and a set of beliefs that could help you mentality. If you’re a religious person, one of the first thanks you will ultimately give is to God. After all, he brought you into this life, so be thankful to Him.

There really is sooo much to be thankful for day to day. Most of us skip past the good parts and truly focus on the negatives and what put us in a bad mood. It’s only when we do struggle or lose something, that we truly realise how lucky we had been before.

Do you stop and consider the positives? 

Do you struggle with finding the good in a day? 

Anything I missed on my list? 

As always, let me know in the comment section below!

Charlotte x