Happiness is a skill you can learn

Happiness is a skill you can learn

I woke up this morning with a thought: what if happiness was a skill that people could acquire? Sort of like being good at tennis or being a people person; what if happiness was a little talent we could all get perfect at? It would certainly make life a far better thing to explore and would make #MondayMotivation a reality and not just something people fake for the sake of Instagram likes.

So, without certain ado, here are some happy skills everyone should try and learn sooner rather than later.

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Counting To 10

We know what you’re thinking: “Everyone over the age of three knows how to count to ten (and without using their fingers too)” and you’re right. But how many times do you use this skill when you feel yourself getting flustered and a little bit furious? That’s what we’re talking about. But it’s not just a good skill to have because anger is bad; it’s a good skill because learning to control your hotheadedness could add years to your life.

Be The Nice Guy

One of the easiest way to feel a whirlpool of happiness swirl inside your soul is to be the nice person in life. Let that driver caught in the wrong lane cut in front of you, give up your seat on the bus to that person who could do with it more, buy the homeless chap that’s run out of luck a latte and help the old lady crossing the road in the rain by covering them with your umbrella. Doing nice things for other people makes us feel happy.

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Know How To Sleep

This may sound a bit bonkers because we all have to sleep on a daily basis but, let’s be honest, some of us aren’t exactly good sleepers. We toss and turn and look at the ceiling and wonder why our brains won’t stop churning out thoughts. Well, it might be your fault. It might be time to visit Montgomerys and buy a new mattress, or it could be time to stop eating dinner so late or stop taking your phone to bed with you. It could be your pillows that are the issue, or perhaps the Feng Shui is off in your boudoir. Whatever it is, fix it, get some better sleep and wake up with a smile.

Meet Mother Nature

This one is about as simple as 1 + 1. The more time you spend in the great outdoors, the happier you will be. It could be a picnic in your garden, a walk through your nearest park or an IGO Adventures excursion into the most remote and breathtaking parts of the world. Whatever it is, you need to trust us on the outdoor thing. Or, better yet, trust science.

Sharing Is Caring

There is a phrase in a self-help book we read that’s called Ubuntu. We’d never heard it before, but it’s one that everyone needs to know because it means: how can one person be happy if everyone else is sad. And that’s what sharing is. It is making sure everyone is as happy as you are.

Charlotte x