Home decorating rules you CAN break

Home decorating rules you CAN break

If we are honest with ourselves, we have all broken the rules a few times! From giving yourself a bit of extra cash when playing the banker in Monopoly to falling asleep with our makeup on, there are lots of rules in life that are just too tempting to break from time-to-time. However, you know what they say, rules were made to be broken, and this is certainly the case with these interior design trends…

Paint small colours light 

We are often told that small rooms should always be painted a light shade in order to create an airy and open feel. While this is true, you don’t have to stay away from dark colours. In fact, you can use rich and dark shades to create an illusion of depth, which will expand a room and make it appear bigger in a different way. For a bigger impact, you may want to break another rule in the process – that ceilings are supposed to be white. Instead, paint your walls and ceiling the same dark shade and you can expand the room in question.

Buy furniture in sets 

We are also led to believe that we need to buy furniture in sets so that everything matches. Therefore, we see a bed that we love, and we end up spending a fortune on the matching wardrobe and nightstands. You do not need to do this. Interior design is not about matching everything as well as possible. It is about finding pieces you love that look good together.

Stick to one style 

Mixing and matching is definitely something you should embrace. Through the rulebook out the window and opt for contemporary, vibrant curtain fabrics teamed with rustic industrial pieces. The choice is yours. Your home is meant to be an extension of your personality, and there is no better way to add character than by mixing things up a bit.

Wood finishes need to match 

The final rule that is made to be broken is that all of the wooden surfaces in a room need to match. People often believe they need to have the same wood finish throughout, and so they end up buying pieces of furniture they do not even really like because they feel like this is their only option. When you do this, the result can be very static and flat. Instead, embrace a selection of different finishes, as this will ensure your décor does not feel forced. Instead, it will appear natural and your home will have a lot of depth. You simply need to ensure the various finishes are balanced so your property does not look lopsided inside.

So there you have it: the interior design rules that were definitely made to be broken. Don’t worry about following the rules that have been mentioned above. In fact, breaking them could result in a more beautiful outcome than you expect.

Charlotte x