How to overcome wedding day jitters

How to overcome wedding day jitters

It’s really quiet normal to feel anxious, nervous or even worried about a big, life changing event. Whether it be a party, interview or of course your wedding day!

In the days, weeks and even months on the lead up to the day, you will experience a wide range of emotions. Heck I feel plenty. Excitement mostly but there are always those little niggling ones at the back of your mind too. The ones that pose the silly and rather over the top questions.

Do I love him? Does he really love me? What if anything goes wrong on the day? What if it rains? 

You get the jist, right?

These questions are quite normal, I understand that, but they don’t help your stress level any. So, if like me you are planning to get married, or know someone who is, here is some wisdom, and how I am dealing with the wedding jitters. 

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Talk to your loved one

Stress and nerves can do strange things. Including create doubt in your mind, even about that special person and committing to them! Chances are, your mind is wandering due to the stress and anxiety towards the ever approaching day. Yet, if you have real doubts, chat to them. They might even be feeling it too!

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Make a check list

It can be tough keeping on top of everything and everyone in the last couple of months and weeks before the day. To help you keep on track, make yourself a check-list to help prompt you and help you remember. As you finish each job, tick them off, and you will find your nerves disappearing with each completed task. 

Don’t deal with everything yourself

You don’t need to be responsible for every detail of your wedding. Unload some of the jobs onto your nearest and dearest, or consider hiring wedding planners to help you manage the final details surrounding the big day. The more you can offload onto others, the more time you will have to compose yourself and get yourself mentally prepared for the wedding.

Be with supportive people.

The last thing you want to do is spend time with people sowing seeds of doubt or fear into your mind, so shirk off the haters, and be with those people who love and support you. Let them carry you when you start to panic, and benefit from their friendship and support each step of the way.

Distract yourself.

The wedding day prep will keep you busy, but do other things away from the planning. Provided you have people helping you with wedding details, you can spend your time doing other things, such as hobbies you enjoy or spending time with people who will talk about things other than the wedding. It’s unlikely the wedding will be far from your mind, but brief moments of respite can provide an escape from the stress.

Think of the positives.

Don’t dwell on what could go wrong. Instead, focus on the positives. This is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter with the person you love. The wedding day is a time for celebration with all those other people you care for in life. Then there’s the cake, the music, the fun, the laughter, the memories you will cherish forever! Whatever happens on the day itself, don’t let the negatives ruin your happiness.

Do you have wedding jitters? 

Do you have any advice for me or any other bride to be?

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Charlotte x