How to protect and safeguard your wedding rings

How to protect and safeguard your wedding rings

When your wedding day arrives, where you will be keeping your rings is one of the smaller details you may overlook. These are still essential things to think about as they are highly valuable in both sentimentality and money wise.  Plus, without the rings, did you even get married?

So, considering where or who you will entrust these precious items with is crucial. Once you have decided what’s right for you, you can put it out of your mind and progress with the most important matters of the day.  

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What Happens Traditionally With The Rings?  

As part of the best man’s duties, he should hold the wedding rings before the wedding ceremony. Just before it takes place, he should then pass it over to whoever is holding the ceremony. If you have a ring bearer, this may mix things up. You can either choose to give the bearer a fake set or rings or entrust them with the real set.  

Is there a back-up plan?  

If your best man isn’t the most reliable of people, you might want to find a parent or close friend to which you can give the rings. They will then give them to you just before the ceremony starts.

When Should You Sort Everything Out?  

You don’t want to leave things last minute but at the same time, you want to ensure there is enough time, so things go smoothly. Therefore, I recommend dropping them off to your trusted individual the night before or the day of the wedding. This way you are not constantly worrying about the safety and whereabouts of your precious rings.

Don’t Have Them Out Of Sight   

Neglecting your rings can be a big mistake. In the midst of the rush and excitement of the big day, wedding rings can be left out and forgotten. This means you always want to make sure someone is looking after them or you have them close to you.  

To be extra safe, you can always get them insured just to have ultimate peace of mind. If you get them cleaned or looked at by professionals to keep them looking pristine before the wedding, insurance can be great. It just gives you that extra bit of breathing room in case anything happens out of the blue.  

Keeping your wedding rings safe using these tips can be simple. The best thing is to both agree on finding someone you can trust and know well enough to look after them on the big day. Once you do, everything should go smoothly, and you can focus on the vows 

Charlotte x