Incredible Home Architecture

Incredible Home Architecture

You’ve got your normal, run of the mill homes, and then you’ve got the pieces of architecture that is just truly amazing. The ones that have decided to push the boundaries, and step away from what is considered ‘normal’. These are the homes you want to be looking out for. The ones that offer more in the way of character, and allow you to get creative on the inside.. But not everyone chooses to go for the different and the random, because the different and the random is few and far between.

Whilst I wouldn’t say our apartment is on the wacky side, it certainly has character that you can’t find in all properties. Our ceilings are extremely high, our windows are bigger than doors, and we have a view to rival many. The modern layout is desired by many and honestly, it’s the blank canvas we could have dreamed for.

Don’t get me wrong, its not our forever property, but it has certainly made it much harder to trump in our next home.

So, if you want to be able to consider a weird, wacky, or maybe slightly different property, listen up.  I have a whole host of reasons that will change your view on home architecture, and might even influence you to go down a different route for your next home. 

The Weird

We might as well start with the weird first, because it’s probably the one that you’re never going to go for, but we know will interest you. The weird are usually the ones that are created by individuals. Here are two of the most funkiest. The first is the hobbit homes. These are pretty cool and unique, and only a few individuals have dabbled with this design. A hobbit house is of course from the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the house is usually set back against a grass ridge. Despite looking petite from the outside, it’s surprisingly big on the inside. Inside features mostly wooden and earthy features to match the outside of the house. The front of the house has sort of a hobbit vibe. One of the most famous hobbit houses that is available for rent is found in New Zealand if you’re ever passing through. The second is the tree house house. Obviously every child’s dream, but is it every adults dream? Maybe not, but they do look super cool. Again, the inside and out follows an earthy vibe, with the house mainly being made of wood. Because of it being suspended in a tree, it isn’t the biggest, but it is one of the coolest. There are plenty of them in the UK if you’re interested in checking them out.

The Luxurious

The luxurious is the architecture that new property developers are dabbling in more and more. Whilst the cost to build is more expensive, the clients they attract generally have a higher budget. If you’re thinking about luxurious, you need to think grand. If we’re talking about multi-residential home designers, then the luxurious features usually lie within the apartments.

I’m talking nice marble flooring, ultra modern kitchens with big open plan diners, and features that scream luxury such as rooftop balconies and spa like bathrooms. For an individual home, the bigger the better. One design that is oozing luxury at the minute is open front house, with long panelled glass allowing the front of the house to be open. You may think this to be too revealing, but a lot of homes have electronically closing curtains to give that privacy that is needed.

Charlotte x