Make Cleaning easy – Improve your home

No-one likes ruddy cleaning. It’s a chore we all wish could be one done by someone else! But, there is always ways to make some of your chores a little easier. And cleaning is one of them! And whilst you may think it will come with using different tools, it actually comes from home improvements that will streamline your cleaning!

So if you want to make your home easier to clean and give it a little spruce, read on!

Opt for wooden floors

Stripping some of the carpets in your home and opting for wooden floors could make cleaning easier. Carpets stain more easily and often require professional carpet cleaning in order to get out tough, worn in stains. Wooden floors are much more resistant, providing they have been properly treated. You can buy wooden flooring from sites like George Hill Timber if your feel that your current floorboards are inadequate. A cheaper alternative may be laminate flooring, which is just as easy to clean.

Or use carpet tiles

If you really love your carpets, an alternative could be to choose carpet tiles rather than a full roll of carpet. Carpet tiles are so easy to replace, especially if you manage to stain a section or two. This can work out much much cheaper than calling in a professional carpet cleaning service. If you are feeling fancy, you could even play with different patterns and colours if using carpet tiles.

Choose easy-clean paint

Tough marks on walls such as felt tip pen scribbles and scuff marks can often require vigorous scrubbing to remove – you may even find that you take away the paint in the process. Using an easy-clean paint such as Dulux EasyClean could help to take the elbow grease out. This could be ideal if you have pets or kids, or to use in a room prone to scuffs and marks.

Protect your upholstery

Some sofa materials are easier to clean than others – leather is often better against liquids and animal hair than fabric. However, you don’t have to necessarily buy new furniture to make your home easier to clean. Using slipcovers could be a more economical option. Rather than having to scrub your sofas, you can simply clean these slip covers whenever they can become dirty.

Put your furniture on wheels

Cleaning around bulky furniture such as sofas, wardrobes and beds can be exhausting work, especially if you have to heave these out of the way to clean behind them. Putting furniture on wheels can allow you to easily roll it out so that you can clean behind it. If you’ve got wooden floors, these wheels are also less likely to cause damage to your floor as opposed to dragging furniture.

When purchasing new furniture, opt for ones with castors on. Failing that, you can buy wheels to fit on your furniture yourself from sites such as Castors Online.

Buy a dishwasher

If, like me, you detest washing the dishes, buying a dishwasher could be a worthy investment. It’s the easiest way, since your dirty cutlery can be loaded in and switched on, saving you the chore of washing them by hand. Higher quality dishwashers tend to be more expensive, but they’re also likely to be more efficient so weigh up whether the cost is worth the extra efficiency.

Install a pull-down kitchen tap

You may have not seen or heard of these before. But my god they can make a huge impact in your kitchen! Pull-down taps are becoming more popular in modern kitchens – since they allow you to pull down the tap in order to clean the corners of the sink more easily and get into pots and pans as if using a shower head. There are lots of nifty pull-down taps on the market plated in materials such as chrome steel. This could be an alternative to having a dishwasher or something you have in conjunction.

Install extractor fans

Many modern kitchens come with extractor fans, and with good reason! Extractor fans can help to cleanse the air in your home without you having to open a window. They’re most common in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom in which steam can create damp and mould without efficient ventilation.

However, they could also be useful in other rooms for removing dust. If you live near a busy road, having an extractor fan could also prevent you opening windows and letting in exhaust pollutants which could be adding to the dust problem in your home.

Up your storage

If you’ve been following my home posts, you know how much I hate clutter. If clutter is a problem for you, consider finding new ways of storing your much needed items wisely. Buying new storage units or upgrading the ones you already have could give you more space to hide away clutter, and get it off your surfaces. You may even be able to find storage units that double up as other furniture such as beds with compartments in or ottoman footstools. Cleaning will become a lot easier if you’re not having to constantly dust or hoover around piles of clutter.

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How do you keep your cleaning easy? 

Have you done any renovations to make your home easier to clean? 

As always, leave your thoughts and comments below! 

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