Don’t Move – Improve – Here’s how!

Moving is a huge time in anyone’s life. There’s a lot of stress involved, and there’s quite a few steps you have to go through to even set foot inside of a new home! And sometimes, you start to doubt whether the whole venture is really worth it.

Before you make the ugly decision of uprooting or applying for mortgages, lets decide whether it really is the right choice.

Ask yourself this, Is moving truly the right decision for you? Or can you work with the space you already own?

After all, even a couple of small improvements can change your mind when you’re looking around your living room, noticing scuffed walls and ratty sofa cushions!

So if you’re a home-owner seriously doubting the validity of your housing decision, now’s the time to sit yourself down and decide: is moving really the right thing for you?

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Do You Love Your Home?

Do you really love your home? The location? The area? The neighbours? Maybe the size of the downstairs compared to the up? Really rather like your bedroom? Whatever aspect, big or small, there will be aspects of your home that you adore and would actually really prefer above any other.

If that’s the case, don’t be quick to think your home isn’t something that can be fixed or altered.

Improving, instead of moving can add huge value to your current home, and leave out the ugly hassle of uprooting and moving. Renovations of course have their owns costs and mess, but not nearly as much as moving can.

If you’re looking for more space, consider adding an extension onto your home. Finding the space isn’t as difficult as you think when you have some creative ideas and the planning permission on your side. Even a small conservatory could add a much needed respite area for when you get too tired of everything else, and you can retreat for a bit of sun and peaceful working space at the same time.

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Do You Have a Strict Budget?

When it comes to uprooting your entire life to move across the town or to another city altogether, there’s a lot of money you’re going to need at your disposal. And for a lot of people, that’s just not a reality they can achieve. So you’re going to need a budget to keep you in line, and to make sure you can still eat once you’re in your new place.

But a moving budget by nature is extensive, and a lot of the time it can feel like a huge waste of every investment you’ve made in the past.

However, renovating can come in to save the day, so give it a serious think over. Renovating your house can even make the entire building feel like a new place when you’ve got designers like Guy Phoenix on your side! It can be a lot cheaper than moving, especially if you’ve already spent thousands on purchasing a house alone; don’t let your past efforts go to waste.

Working with your home, even in a state less than stellar, is easier to do than you think. Make sure you’re putting plenty of stock into any decision; moving should be a last resort when you have these considerations.