Choosing the right blinds for your wet rooms

Choosing the right blinds for your wet rooms

Blinds are one of the smaller details that contribute to the bigger picture of a warm, stylish home. They provide privacy and shade from the sunlight, especially in important places like the bathroom. When considering where to place your blinds, it’s important to consider the potential issues each area in the house presents.  

For example, in the bathroom and kitchen area, something water-resistant and more durable is required. This article will therefore discuss what blinds are suitable for wetter rooms in the home. This way you can purchase something that stands the test of time. You can discover durable bathroom blinds from Made To Measure Blinds made from water resistant materials.  

Which blinds work for wetter bathrooms?  

The bathroom is one of the wettest, most humid room in the whole house, so buying practical blinds are crucial. Consider the following things:  

  • The blinds should be easy to operate, even if your hands are damp  
  • The material should be heat resistant  
  • The material should be water/ moisture resistant  
  • They should be easy to clean  

Considering all of the above elements will make the purchase much more worthwhile. You will then find something that looks good but is suitable for the environment.  

What Not To Buy…  

It may seem obvious but most fabrics won’t be suitable for wet areas. Even wood isn’t ideal for the bathroom area. This is because the small holes in the wood let water in and will distort the wood’s shape and shade over time.  

If you do love wooden blinds however, for wetter areas, it’s good to consider bamboo and wood with a strong finish. This way you are protected over the dampness and the blinds won’t lose their form.  

What will work in the bathroom/kitchen area?  

Aluminium Blinds  

A good material for the bathroom is aluminium. The flexible choice is a great asset but due to their heavy structure, they do not rust when coming into contact with water. They also look clean and are easy to operate for a highly used area of the home such as the bathroom.  

PVC Roller Blinds  

Another good idea is buying PVC roller blinds. This is because they are very private whilst being easy to clean and keep. Depending on where you shop, you should also be able to get a waterproof material for your roller blinds. PVC also isn’t affected by the steams from baths and showers or don’t tend to soak up smells from cooking.  

Waterproof Shutters  

Any water resistant vertical blinds are a great option for an area that deals a lot with water and humidity. You can also find water resistant shutters that are stylish and practical. You can then find something private, practical that still brings out the best in your room.  

These are all great ideas for either the kitchen or bathroom. Due to the resistant and durable materials, you should keep your blinds for much longer. They will also be easier to maintain whilst looking great in your home.  

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