Doing up your bathroom? Splash on these features!

Who doesn’t love a ruddy good bathroom? Especially one that feels and looks luxurious, and makes the perfect place to truly unwind from a hard days work! Modern bathrooms are certainly becoming that and more. The technology and ideas for bathrooms are making them some of the most understated rooms within your home.

So, to get you inspired and spur you on to make yours more user friendly, I have pulled together all the bathroom features that you should consider to make your bathroom the gem in your home!

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A Free-standing Bath 

Freestanding tubs are increasing in popularity allowing more elbow room than built in tubs. They certainly bring a traditional sense of Victorian chicness to a property, yet are excellent for any bathroom, given you have the space!

You can even buy a tub with taps positioned in the centre, making it much easier and more comfortable to lie down and relax, without the taps above your head, or your feet! You can also nab a free-standing bath with jets too, effectively giving yourself your very own private jacuzzi. 

So, if you’ve got the space, and want to have a tub that will help you truly relax, consider upgrading your bath to a free-standing one!

Waterfall taps

Waterfall taps don’t really have a practical advantage over normal mixer taps, yet they look superb, especially within a modern bathroom. You can find a good range of waterfall basin mixers online. Waterfall taps can also be added to a bathtub to add a flourish of luxury to bath times too.

Multiple shower heads

Modern home-owners aren’t just opting for single shower heads any more – an overhead fixed shower head and a handset shower head can offer more luxury. You could opt for a Victorian style with a round fixed shower head or you could incorporate a modern square shower head. As for the handset, this could have an adjustable pressure allowing you to enjoy your shower exactly the way you like. As for the shower mechanism itself, a thermostatic power shower is the best option, giving your even pressure and full temperature control.

Multi-flush toilet

Toilets have come a long way since the traditional mechanism of pulling a chain. Modern toilets now come with multi-flush settings, making them more economical as you don’t have to always use the full flush. Such toilets also have a fast fill-up time between flushes making them more efficient. You’re best keeping your toilet in the same place as relocating it can come with serious plumbing costs.

Underfloor heating

Another luxury feature to consider could be underfloor heating. Not only will this keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower, it can help to dry up water on the floor quicker preventing water damage and mould. Installing underfloor heating is a job best left to a professional. This heating can run off gas or electricity depending on your preferred energy source.

Heated towel rail

If you’ve got a radiator in your bathroom, you could consider replacing it with a heated towel rail. This will provide heat to the room whilst also giving you a means of quickly and efficiently drying towels and wet item. There are lots of stylish designs to choose from that can fit in with any period of property.

So, whether you’re in dire need for bathroom change, or you looking to upgrade your current one, I hope this lil post has helped you with some of the alternatives and mod cons that can transform your space!