Choosing a summer time vehicle

Choosing a summer time vehicle

And by summer car, I mean a toy. A toy car that you can drive around in the sunshine, has power, and gives you goosebumps when you accelerate. This is the exact car my fiancée has been bugging me to allow him to buy. Since he wants nothing more than a weekend or special occasion 2 seater, high power kit car to get his kicks. This is a summer time car! 

As it happens, these summer time or holiday vehicles as they are commonly known as, are coming back in trend.  But before you jump in and spend, here’s everything you need to know about a summer or ‘holiday car’. 

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Why a holiday vehicle?

Why not is the real question. Who wouldn’t want a car that’s driven in good weather, and possibly raws a little at high speed?

The truth is, the kind of car that you want to be driving for fun, isn’t realistically the day to day vehicle you want to be taking to work. Nor is it one you want to be racking up the miles in. Using your holiday car in difficult conditions can also create undue wear and tear on the vehicle.

From bad weather to salted roads, every little thing can put the vehicle under pressure and damage it. In fact, if you want to make your holiday vehicle your primary mean of transportation, you’re probably going to face high maintenance bills. Driving a vintage car every day requires some solid mechanical knowledge as it’s fair to say you’ll spend a major part of your time looking under the bonnet to figure out what’s happening. Only consider a holiday vehicle if you are looking for something just for fun, and not general getting abouts. 

What’s the best vehicle for you?

When you decide to purchase a holiday vehicle, there are two things you need to decide on. Firstly, your budget, as not everybody can afford an additional car. And secondly the type of vehicle you’d want to explore in. If you are an adrenalin-lover, it’s fair to say that you might want to get your hands on a four-wheeler bike. There are insanely cool, and you’ll enjoy riding one of those along the beach. Their wheels give you the optimal comfort and stability on uneasy surfaces, such as sand or rocks.

But if you prefer to take your time to discover your surroundings and follow the carpe diem principles, you’ll prefer a classic car. The Jaguar e-type remains the epitome of British elegance, more than 50 years after its creation.

For something sporty, try the Boss Mustang 1969.

How do you take your vehicle with you?

How do you best take your vehicle on holiday or a weekend away? If you’re trying to limit mileage, it’s fair to say you can’t drive your classic car or quad to your holiday destination. But you can certainly look for transportation options, such as Jayde Transport for instance. If your everyday car can hold a trailer, you can strap your secondary vehicle on it and drag it behind you on holiday. If you don’t fancy the hassle, be prepared to add mileage to your car. 

What are the limitations?

A holiday vehicle needs to respect certain regulations. For instance, you’ll find that most car insurers have capped the yearly mileage of classic cars. The purpose is to reduce the risk of breakdown and extensive wear and tear of old car parts, body and engine. Most classic cars don’t have any seatbelt, but some insurers demand that you install a belt for front seats if you want to use the car.

As for four wheelers, don’t think you’ve got it easy! According to the police, wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but it is strongly advised for your own safety. You also need to obey the regulations for road vehicles and ensure you meet all requirements before taking the road.

How do you look after it?

Quad bikes require specialist maintenance to ensure that they can remain safe on the road and to drive. Thankfully, you’ll be able to find expert garages for your vehicle. Classic cars also need specialist skills and knowledge, especially when it comes to looking after your car and servicing it. Classic car lovers need to ensure that the vehicle can be parked indoors and only used when the weather is nice.

Where can you find your holiday vehicle?

You’ll find your holiday vehicle easily. There are plenty of quads on eBay, for instance, and just as many classic cars. However; it’s fair to say that when it comes to holiday vehicles, you need to be extra cautious. Make sure to inspect the car or four wheeler thoroughly. Arrange for a road test too to avoid bad surprises.

So, at the end of this post, there’s only one question left for you: When do you get your leisure vehicle?

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