Three Quick Stress Reliefs

Three Quick Stress Reliefs

So, life can be pretty stressful, huh? It’s not exactly a controversial question to ask in the current day and age.

Reports from around the world suggest that people, on the whole, feel more highly-strung than ever before, less like they can relax and enjoy life, and just generally tossed around by the merciless currents of work commitment, social media dramas, and all the rest.

There are many effective lifestyle changes that can be made in order to reduce stress. Hopefully, this little post will give you some aids, tools, or generl advice which you can use to reduce yours.

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Call up professionals rather than trying to do everything yourself

Many people who sincerely hate DIY with a passion, nonetheless spend a lot of time trying to repair every problem around the home by themselves. They may spend days on the verge of losing their minds as they try to perform a job that a residential flooring company could achieve in hours, or maybe they damage the plumbing further while trying to fix a leaky pipe.

Spending that bit of extra money and just calling the professionals when you have a problem around the home can be a major stress-buster. The investment of money is the hardest thing you have to do, and then the work is handled by other people.

DIY is one thing, but the same principle can even apply to things like cleaning.

Do you hate housework with a passion? Find it steals away all your free time? Well, have you considered hiring a cleaner to visit once or twice a week for an hour or two? It might not be as cost-prohibitive as you fear, and the return on investment will be a bit less stress and a bit more free time for you.

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Look into herbal remedies

Some people seem genuinely shocked at the idea that what they eat might affect their mood and energy levels. While diet is one thing, taking the right kind of herbal supplements can also have a profound effect on your stress levels from day-to-day.

Adaptogens are a special class of herbs known for their ability to regulate hormones like cortisol (the body’s primary “stress hormone”) and adrenaline. This category of herbs includes Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, ginseng, and Holy Basil, among others.

Consider supplementing with some of these stress-busting herbs and see if they help you.

Try some meditation apps

Meditation exercises have been used by various cultures for thousands of years. Modern research has found that regular mindfulness meditation practice changes the structure of the brain in some fundamental ways, and is associated with enhanced calm and feelings of well-being, among other things.

There are many guided meditation apps available today to help you begin and maintain a meditation practice. A couple of the most popular apps are Headspace and Calm, both featuring a variety of meditation exercises and features for tracking your “meditation streak”.

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