Twelve weeks to go : Wedding Preppin’

No word of a lie, but we have under 12 weeks to go until our wedding, I think it may even be 11 – gulp. And the scariest part is, I remember 12 weeks before other people’s wedding going mega fast. As you can imagine, I am both terrified, excited and nervous all at the same time.

With just 12 weeks till we be on some beach sippin’ cocktails, I have really started to hone in on my wedding preppin, including my hen do, of which starts just next weekend.

I have been preparing my body for a detox and my skin for it’s overhaul. Here’s what I’ve started to do to get prepared for my wedding day!


I have mentioned these before, in this post , and I kindly received some more of their amazing products for the run up to the wedding. I have been desperate to shed some last minute weight and you know what, this seems to be working. I find it super easy to get into a routine with the products, and they taste and smell amazing. I am feeling much more confident about reaching my ideal weight for my dress fitting and my hen do in just a couple of weeks.

Hen-Do Deliveries

There’s been a lot of packages arriving for the wedding, and the most exciting off all are the hen-do and bridal shower accessories. I have been loving the planning and preparing of the bridal activities, since it makes a rather nice change from the wedding discussions. I am sooo excited to share with you some of the gorgeous bits and bobs I’ve got to decorate, wear and use over both my London Hen weekend and Garden Bridal Shower.

Plus, I made my Youtube account all in prep for my first ever vlogs and videos of both my Hen Do and Bridal Garden Party.

Bridesmaid Thank you’s

I hadn’t even thought of what to give my bridal party as a thank you. With everything else, it was something that had slipped my mind. But thanks to some research, I found some gorgeous gifts to create the perfect bridesmaid gift bundles. Some of the bits and pieces have started to arrive and I have never been more excited than now to give my bridesmaid their gifts!

Skincare Routine

I had never really been one to be truly take care of my skin. Partly because I could never be bothered, and partly because I didn’t see the point. Yet after getting into some superb products, I have been all over my skincare routine. I have been so determined to keep on top of products I’m using and keeping my skin in tip top condition.

I have been using the following products, which have worked wonders on my skin!

Honeymoon packing

You bet I have started packing some of my holiday essentials. I have been buying lots for the honeymoon, and have even had my injections needed for our travels.  I have done lots of research on what to expect in Singapore and Thailand, including some of the risks we could face. But none of that can distract me from the idea that in just 12 weeks we will be bathing round our own private pool!

RSVP’s & Gift list purchases

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll probably be a little fed up of the moans and groans in regard to these little points. Planning and having a wedding is expensive and well I just want my guests to a – RSVP on time and b – buy from my gift list. Preferably contribute towards the honeymoon but I won’t be too picky. Truth is, I don’t care how awful or whatever people might think I am being. We have everything we need at home, we would just really like some help with the honeymoon and being able to experience everything we want!

I am still shook that this is me and my wedding counting down the last 12 weeks. There is still sooo much to do and whilst I keep ticking bits and pieces here and there, I still feel like I am getting no where. Yet, there is still so much to be excited for, besides the big day itself, including my hen weekends!

I will of course be posting everything and more from the weekend on my instagram so be sure to follow me there. All my wedding packages have been featuring in my stories too, so if you fancy a sneak peak prior to the blog posts, be sure to follow me!

I hope you stick with me, and if you fancy subscribing to my Youtube channel ahead of my first upload, you can do here.

Hope you all are having a fab bank holiday and enjoying this glorious sunshine!

Charlotte x

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