What your bedroom says about you

What your bedroom says about you

A bedroom is a pretty private place to some. How how you decorate it defines can identify how you are as a person in a way. Some people go for a crazy design, and some people prefer the minimalist interior design trend that seems to be growing ever more popular lately. You’ll generally find that the design of the bedroom also reflects the rest of the house. It just all depends on what you like, what you don’t like, and how much you can be bothered to switch up your decor.

So, here’s what different types of bedroom decor might say about you, perhaps you’ll see one on here that you might like to switch to!


This is probably one of the most popular designs, but one that is hard to achieve. A luxurious bedroom speaks volumes about a person. It shows they enjoy the finer things in life, take pride in their interior decor, and like to feel that higher status in the world. But you don’t have to be rich to be luxurious. All you need to know is how to decorate a room. The Palazzo Collezioni luxury furnishings is a good place to start. If you fill your room with designer furnishings, who can say you aren’t adding a splash of luxury? You then just need to think about keeping colours neutral. Grand features such as a low hanging chandelier, colours such as greys, whites, and browns, and a luxury ensuite to go with it. Getting into the bathroom decor is a whole new section, but you can find plenty of designs on the internet that would match the luxury bedroom decor.


The minimalist design focuses on everything being simple, and definitely not cluttered in the slightest. It is actually considered a form of modern art, and it is one that so many people are now deciding to embrace. If you follow a minimalist interior design, you’re most likely someone who enjoys the finer things in life, likes cleanliness, and hates cluttering a room with unnecessary furnishing. All you need to do is have a simple bed, usually with the bed frame low to the floor. Wooden flooring will suit this look better than carpet. A nice sized dressing table in the corner, and perhaps a chair with a blanket thrown over it. Complete the room with a rug, a lone standing tall lamp, and you really have achieved the minimalist look.


Unique are the people who don’t necessarily care about what the room actually looks like, they’re more bothered about the things that they can cram into it. Think of all the most weird and wonderful artifacts, they’re usually found in a unique room. The personality of someone like this is usually a hipster, someone who is funky and a bit alternative, and who doesn’t care about others peoples views. If you want to achieve this look, just go all out and put whatever you would want to be in your room. The more outlandish you go, the more unique you’re going to be.

What does your bedroom say abot you?