Curtains & Bedding: For a Peaceful Summer Bedroom

During the summer months of warm weather and still nights, it can be pretty tough to get a good nights sleep. Just settling down into bed and getting comfy can be hard work, let alone getting some decent shut eye.

With a little help of some small but seasonal changes to your bedroom, you can achieve the best nights sleep, even through the heat of summer! So sit back and relax, because I have all the things you need, from the best curtains and bedding to create the perfect, peaceful summer bedroom!

Picking the perfect pair.

I’m talking of curtains of course. If you haven’t splurged on a decent pair of curtains yet, then this is the time. You need curtains that will keep out the early morning sun, yet keep any cool air in. There are many places to shop for the perfect pair, and neither break the bank. If you don’t want to waste the pair you do have, but they don’t quiet do the job, you could always purchase blackout curtain linings that can be added to almost any curtains.

Be sure to shop around and explore various styles too. Choosing the right style for your window will help tremendously with accentuating yours in the right way. Whether you go for a Eyelet curtain or a pencil pleat curtain, be sure to shop around and do your homework with what will work best for your bedroom and window style. If you want a versatile range, you can check Yorkshire Linen for ready made curtains.

If you want a curtain that will block out the sun, reduce noise and keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter, purchase eclipse curtains.  Who knew curtains could offer soo much, but they will be perfect for any bedroom!

Keeping it lite.

Keeping your soft furnishings lite through the summer months will make the heat much more bearable. Shop for natural and light feeling bedding for the hotter months and you will surely sleep soundly. Be sure to switch your duvet over to a summer one too, as it has less cotton to keep you warm. 4.5 Tog is the best in the warmer nights.

Neutral and natural.

Keeping your bedroom a neutral and natural room will not only help you sleep better, but it can create a calmness in your room and keep you cooler. Always try and use natural and neutral shades and colours with all your soft and hard furnishings. White furniture and off white bedding, curtains and rugs call all create a calmness and coolness to your room!

Stay away from dark and heavy colours, especially in the warmer months!  Here are some gorgeous patterns and colours that will work perfectly this summer!

Madison Duck Egg (Green/Blue) – Duvet Cover Set – DoubleAshlea Grey – Duvet Cover Set – DoublePom Pom Duvet Cover Set, DoubleTropical Copper – Duvet Cover Set /

Hopefully this little guide will help you create the perfect bedroom haven to get some much needed shut eye, whatever the weather outside. 

Do you change your bedding for summer?

Do you have any tips to creating a summer bedroom? 

As always, leave your comments and thoughts below! 

Charlotte x