Designing A Bedroom That Helps You Get To Sleep, Fast!

Designing A Bedroom That Helps You Get To Sleep, Fast!

A lot of people see interior design as something that’s purely about creating visual beauty. I like to believe that the best interior designs are more about creating different experiences for the people in a room. One example I love is the concept of designing bedrooms that are built around the sole purpose of providing you with a better night’s sleep. They’re created to help you nod off quickly, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Is this something that sparks your interest as well? If it is, then here are a few things to mull over when designing a bedroom that helps you sleep.

Diffusers can help you build a relaxing atmosphere. 

Incorporate Scents That Help You Relax & Unwind

A key element of this type of bedroom design is building a relaxing atmosphere in the room. This is partly done by incorporating different scents that are designed to trigger receptors in your brain that tell your body to relax. A key scent that does this is lavender. So, try and bring this into your room by using different essential oils and a diffuser. It suggests on that a machine that uses cold air diffusion is the most effective at bringing the therapeutic benefits out of your oils. So, if you get one of these, along with a lavender scented oil, you can create a very relaxing aroma in your bedroom that helps you get to sleep.

Purchase curtains that block out daylight. 

Utilize Blackout Curtains

It’s crucial that your bedroom can block out as much light as possible. This helps create a dark room that allows your eyes to be free from the strain put on them by light. If you struggle to sleep at night, then it could be because your room is too bright. Anyway, you can get some blackout curtains from, and many other places online and in-store. These curtains are designed to block all light from entering your room, creating the perfect paradise for you to sleep in.

Make your bedroom feel massive.

Maximize The Space You’ve Been Given

There’s nothing worse than going up to your bedroom after a long day and seeing loads of mess everywhere. It immediately puts you in a bad mood, and you’ve got that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that’s telling you you’ll have to clean it up eventually. Not only that, but it makes your bedroom feel incredibly small and cramped, which brings on feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety. You can make all these issues disappear if you make the most out of the space in your room. Rid all the clutter and try to create as much free space as you can. Play around with the organization of your furniture until you land on something that’s perfect and makes the room feel way bigger. This is much better to walk into every day, and you’ll feel way more relaxed and ready for bed.

Don’t design your rooms with the sole intention of making them look nice – that should be a secondary consideration. Instead, design them with the aim of improving the experience you get while in them. In this case, you’ll have a bedroom that will help you get to sleep every night, improving the way you experience the room.

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Charlotte x