Five in shower habits to stop now!

We all have some terrible and rather damaging habits we have accumulated over the years. Nail biting, grinding teeth, even breaking off split ends. Most of the time, we don’t realise the implications these terrible habits can have on other aspects of our body or even our health.

Did you know that there is a right way to shower? Here are the bad shower habits you should be breaking today. 

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Washing Your Face 

It’s certainly quicker and easier to clean your face while you are in the shower, but it’s actually not too good for you at all! The water in the shower is usually warmer than what you would use in the sink, and higher temperatures can make your skin dry out. Especially when you have one of those showers in your bathrooms from Trading Depot and the weather’s cold, you will be tempted to heat up the water in your shower. 

For those of you with skin conditions like rosacea or acne, you may find that hot water on your face in the shower leads to excessed irritation and redness. It may even burst a blood vessel if you wash your face too aggressively.

Instead, use a gentle cleanser and use outside of the shower.

Forgetting To Wash Your Feet 

You probably think that your feet make contact with the water in the shower, so you don’t need to bend down and scrub them. You couldn’t be more wrong!

Even if you don’t have dirty or smelly feet, just think about the sweat they gather throughout a day. And, if you walk around inside or outside without shoes, you never know what you could be picking up. 

Don’t just let the soap residue run down to the tops of your feet make sure you scrub and clean your feet and toes. Power showers can work wonders on blasting away any dirt.

Just imagine what you could be bringing to bed every night if you fail to wash your feet thoroughly. 

Not Regularly Replacing Your Loofah 

Think about it – when was the last time you bought a new loofah? Was it a few months ago? More than a year ago? Here’s the thing – it could be damaging your health.

Clammy and rather humid environments like bathrooms and showers are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and germs to grow and harvest. Loofah or sponges, when not dried properly and left in damp locations, are the bed of all bacteria infestations. Be sure to regularly change yours, and try and air dry whenever possible.

Making Use Of The Soap Dish 

While that built-in soap dish may be there to stay, using it to actually keep your soap on is not a good idea. Most people don’t use bars of soaps today, but for those of you who do, it’s worth knowing that leaving your bar of soap in one spot encourages bacteria to grow. What’s worse, is you spread that bacteria all over your body as you use the bar of soap. 

If you don’t want to begin using liquid body wash which you may opt to place in soap dispensers, find a wire soap dish or a dish with holes at the bottom of it that allows water to drain away. 

Scented Soaps 

While scented soaps make your bathroom smell like you’ve transported to a tropical rainforest, those very fragrances may just be doing your skin more harm than good. 

If you’ve noticed that your skin always seems irritated after a shower, chances are that the soap is to blame. Fragrances are known to irritate sensitive skin, so rather use something that is unscented to keep your skin in top condition. 

Charlotte x