Funding the wedding of your dreams

Funding the wedding of your dreams

Weddings are notoriously expensive. Are we at all surprised? After all, it’s supposed to be the greatest day of you and your partner’s lives! With causes of celebration comes extravagance, and with extravagance comes expensive price tags. You utter the w word and bam, the price doubles. Just the nature of the beast I am afraid. 

Whoever says their wedding was £1000 is either lying, or just had a family who ran a wedding business. It can’t be done!

Of course, you share this experience with your loved ones, meaning that you’ll have to cater to them and their own needs too. By the end of the event, you’re likely to have forked out for dresses, suits, venues, legal administration, transport, catering, music, entertainment, cakes, and a whole lot more. Whilst you will want to tear your hair out at the sheer cost of a wedding, and possible doubt why you are doing it ( heck I have many a time ), it is for good reason, and there are ways of managing it. 

So from one bride-to-be who has spent the last couple of days crying because the final catering bill has landed, to the future brides to bes who are panicking, I have some of the solutions on how you can fund the wedding of your dreams! 

Building Up Savings

If you’re not in a rush to tie the knot and are ready for a long engagement, the best wedding payment plan option is to postpone the wedding date and save up funds towards making it the occasion you truly want it to be.

Rushing straight into the whole affair may mean that you have to make compromises and sacrifices to be able to cover the costs and make everything affordable. Patience really can be a virtue, and this is a great way to fund your big day. You do have to be organised with money and live on smaller means than usual in the lead up to the event, but surely that’ll make all of the extravagance and opulence of the occasion that touch more enjoyable and special, right?

The real question before you even talk dates or set budgets, is are you both ready to wait, and what does your dream wedding actually look like?


While a long engagement may suit some of us, it’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea. After all, the average cost of weddings is currently reaching an all-time high, and paying everything up front may mean that you push the date back for years.

If you really want to say “I do”, embracing the present and getting hitched as soon as possible, you may want to consider taking out wedding loans. They are no way the best way to pay your way, but some times needs must.

There are all sorts of different agreements out there, including wedding loans for bad credit, so no matter what your personal circumstances may be, you should be approved, allowing you to get the ball rolling!


Some of us want to get the wedding shopping and planning out of the way as quickly as possible. We purchase the first things that present themselves to us and are done with it. But with convenience comes extra costs. Instead, you should really shop around, creating a budget, and sticking to it.

Whatever you may have seen that you like, you can almost guarantee that there’s going to be a cheaper alternative out there. So, scour the market.

Alternatively, you can get creative and incorporate a little DIY into the proceedings. This can save you a whole lot of money when it comes to small details like table decorations, seat covers, flower arrangements, and more. Plus it can make the whole wedding process much more fun. 

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when it comes to DIY’s, or even time to shop around and find alternatives.

Ask for help 

This doesn’t have to be financial at all. But asking friends and family members to get their hands dirty during the process might save you some dosh. As around for fellow hair dressers, cake makers and arty farty individuals. These people will come in handy and whilst they may not offer you something for free, they might be able to give you a huge discount in the way of mates rates!

These are just a few different ways that you can effectively manage the costs of your big day. Which will best suit you and your partner is entirely down to you as a couple! As well as the family you have to drag into help! 

Do you have any advice to brides-to-bes who are panicking over budgets and costings? 

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Charlotte x