Hosting a budget friendly & fun girls night in

Hosting a budget friendly & fun girls night in

Whether you have big things to save up for, or whether you are just looking for a more intimate get together with your friends having the odd night in can be the solution. After all, it’s much easier to spend less, and you can truly relax in your PJs and spend the time catching up as well, rather than having to fight your way to the bar and shout to make yourself heard over the music in a club. With that in mind, check out my recommendation for some of the most fun, yet budget-friendly nights in you can host.

Movie marathon

One way of hosting a fun girls night in is to put on a movie marathon night, where you watch several films back to back. It’s super simple, especially if you have access to things like European satellite tv, Netflix, or Amazon Prime because that means you don’t even have to rent films you want to watch. It’s also a pretty relaxing way of spending time together, and you can wear your slobs and eat snacks, or even out on your PJs if you would prefer.

The great thing about a movie night with girls is that you can theme it to a particular collection or occasion like Halloween, or Christmas, or even romance and wedding films if there is someone in your group that is tying the knot soon.

Of course, you get to decide on the refreshments that you provide as well, although home-made popcorn that comes with unusual flavours like the one you will find here is always a good idea.

Crafty get together

Another great and low-cost way of getting all the girls together is to hold a crafting session at you home. Some folks that do this on a regular basis bring their own projects so they can work on them while catching up with the group. However for the first few times, to get people engaged with the idea, it’s best to provide the materials and a specific project to complete.

Go for something simple, and themed like to the season like these Christmas crafts, and check out pound stores and budget craft suppliers to source your materials. Then you will have the basis for an entertaining party that won’t break the bank.

Dinner party delights

Lastly, don’t forget that a simple and relatively cheap way of getting all the girls together is to lay on a dinner party for them. Yes, you can go the whole hog and provide all the course yourself, but this can be pretty labour intensive and can cost quite a lot too.

The other alternative here is to go the ‘Come Dine With Me’ route and get everyone to prepare and bring a course. Then after each round, you can vote on how much you enjoyed it and aware a small prize to the winner at the end. Something that means you divide up the work and add an extra bit of fun and excitement to your budget-friendly girls night in.

Charlotte x