How to choose the perfect Emerald Cut Diamond

How to choose the perfect Emerald Cut Diamond

During the 1500s, stone cutters discovered a method to cut emeralds that wouldn’t make the stones prone to breaking. Typically, emeralds are softer than diamonds, which means it’s not easy to cut them into round shapes, such as round brilliant cut diamonds.

An emerald cut diamond is beautiful. The stone may show off the same brilliance as rounder cuts, but they also offer a uniqueness for wearers of substance. What’s more, the shape is enjoying a boost in popularity as more brides look for unique stone settings and different shapes.

Interestingly, just three percent of all the diamonds in the world are shaped like this, making them significantly exclusive and rare. Here are some tips for buying emerald cut diamond engagement rings Sydney couples prefer.

Top Tips for Buying Emerald Cut Diamonds

Avoid comparing emerald cuts to round brilliant cuts

If you have decided that you’re going to purchase an emerald cut diamond, it is better to compare the diamond you are looking at with other emerald cut stones. An emerald cut diamond may not be on par with round cut diamonds in terms of brilliance. Also, round cut diamonds usually hide flaws easier than an emerald cut. Overall, comparisons will work better when you compare emerald cut diamonds to other emerald cuts of different proportions. Emerald cut diamonds, as longer stones, can make the wearer’s fingers look slimmer, making this an attractive option for many brides-to-be.

Find a stone with fewer flaws

The way in which emerald diamonds are cut makes it easier to spot any flaws in the diamonds. They tend to have fewer facets and a bigger table. Also, you will notice that light reflects less. If the diamond does have an imperfection, you’ll notice that it is more visible. Clarity grade is also very important when you’re shopping for an emerald cut stone.

Colour grades can vary according to preferences

We know that diamond grading labs usually find colourless diamonds to be a higher grade. Yet, when it comes to pick a diamond for yourself or your fiancée, it is better to pick a diamond of a colour that you or they prefer. The icy-white diamonds that sit in the D, E and F colour grades aren’t to everyone’s liking. Interestingly, many jewellers find that customers are more inclined towards the warmer G and H grade tones that are also easier on the pocket.

Take note of symmetry and polish

Emerald cut stones are not usually assigned cut grades by well-known labs. However, the diamonds are assigned both symmetry and polish grades that can make all the difference. Keep in mind that the higher the grades, the more sparkle the diamond gives off.

Check the dimensions

Emerald cut diamonds come in a wide range of shapes, from rectangle to some that nearly look like squares. The ideal width and length rations vary between 1.45 and 1.55. The depth of this ration is what determines the diamond’s brilliance. Try to find an emerald cut stone that has a depth range of about 60 – 70 percent.

Using these 5 tips will help you pick the perfect emerald cut diamond, whatever the occasion!

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