How to plan the ultimate Summer Party

How to plan the ultimate Summer Party

Summer is the ultimate time to gather friends and family and celebrate. You neither have to have a major reason to gather, other than for summer. Grab some bubbles, get the barbie going and make sure your guests are well fed and watered. All the whilst, entertaining with good music and vibes. But how do you host the ultimate bash? How do you make sure your friends will never turn down one of your dos? Well stick around. I have the 6 key ingredients needed to host the best party imaginable.

Invite A Fun Mix Of Guests

Think about your guests and make sure you invite a fun mix. They should be able to get along for the most part, and ensuring you invite different personalities will give you a fun mix of people. Make sure you give them plenty of notice so that they can make arrangements with sitters or work beforehand and make it to your party. You don’t want nobody to turn up!

Select An Amazing Venue

Your venue will make a huge difference to your party. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go hiring the most expensive venue available. You could have your party at your own home and still make it amazing, you’d just have to make sure that there’s room for people to dance, there are plenty of seats, and that areas are clearly marked out so people know where things are.

Consider An Open Bar

An open bar will ensure that people are properly lubricated all night long and that they don’t have to worry too much about bringing their own or spending a lot of cash – but of course, this comes at the expense of you. You could always Look at Simply Elegant catering or something similar for food and drink if you have the budget. A caterer could be a good idea if you want to have a classy, elegant affair with all of your nearest and dearest.

Focus On Creating The Ultimate Playlist

One thing that a party needs to have: the ultimate playlist. You need music for all tastes, young and old. Rock and pop. Country and jazz. Ok, maybe not the last two, but you get the idea. You want people to feel compelled to fill the dancefloor, sing along, and have an incredible time. You could always hire a great DJ if you have the budget, but you’ll need to make sure they have a great reputation and that they’ll play the type of songs you want.

Pick A Theme For Your Decor

A theme for your decor will make your party so much more fun and instagrammable. You could even suggest that people carry this through to the outfits they choose for the event – not necessarily fancy dress, but definitely themed. Unless you want fancy dress of course! There are lots of places to hunt for themed party decor, or better yet, create your own decor.

Give People Something To Tweet Or Post On Social Media About

Giving people a special hashtag to post on sites like Twitter and Instagram can make your party known and ensure people remember it for years to come. You could even create your own snapchat filter!

Do you have any musts for planning the ultimate bash?

Anything that should be added to my list?

Let me know and comment below!