How to successfully plan a Destination Wedding

How to successfully plan a Destination Wedding

For some couples, travelling overseas and getting married abroad is the ultimate dream. It means that they can pretty much guarantee brilliant weather for their big day and will be able to wed in a beautiful location they’ll never forget.

Unfortunately, though, there might be a few grumbles among all your guests about your decision to get married abroad. Even though they will undoubtedly enjoy travelling with you to your big event, it does mean they will need to pay a considerable more to attend. Not only that, though, but they might have to go to a lot of extra effort, such as organise time off work. For this reason, there is quite a bit of etiquette that the bride and groom need to follow when planning their wedding abroad so that they don’t make things too tricky for their guests. Read on to find out more!

Give Everyone Plenty Of Notice

One of the big annoyances that most wedding guests have is when the couple announce their plans right at the last minute. This doesn’t give guests much time to get organised, and if left too late, they might find that they are unable to get time off work. Plus, all of the cheap flights and hotel rooms could have already been booked up, which could push the price of the trip up further.

Create A Wedding Planning Pack

Lots of couples decide to hire a wedding planner to help them organise a wedding in a foreign country. Ideally, your planner should be someone who is based in the destination so that you can use all of their insider knowledge. They will be able to plan everything on the ground before you arrive. While they are arranging, you should ask them if they can provide you with a wedding planning pack for all your guests. This should include information such as the best airlines to fly with and cheapest hotels in the are.

Look For A Venue With Accommodation

One way to take away all the hassle of booking hotel rooms is to find a wedding venue that has its own accommodation. That way, your guests don’t need to do any hotel research – they just need to book a room at the venue.

Forget The Gift List

These days, most couples who host weddings abroad tend to forget about the traditional wedding present list. After all, your guests will be spending a lot of money to travel abroad to be at your money. You should see their attendance as a special gift in itself!

Plan A Party Back Home

Most couples who organise an overseas wedding will then plan a big party for everyone back at home. There will be some people who you invite who won’t be able to make the special event, so this party should make up for it and no one feels left out of your celebrations.

Your overseas wedding shouldn’t put any of your guests in an awkward position – thankfully, the etiquette tips above will stop that happening!

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