Key elements of a killer Wedding Guest Outfit

Key elements of a killer Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding season is officially upon us. You may have already attended a few, or you may have plenty to come throughout summer and into the latter part of the year. 

Truthfully, there’s not really a ‘wedding season’ any more, as everyone seems to get married any time through the year. But, you know what I mean, this is by far the most popular wedding time. Summer!

So you’re here because you have some weddings, or just one to attend this season. And you’re probably freaking about what to wear. Because weddings always come with a lot of pressure.

Depending on the couple and your connection to them, you may feel like you have to go all out. You may even be attending several with the same crowd, which often rules out the option of re-wearing a full look. So you start to worry about being able to pull together another, or even a few, different styles. 

But honestly, don’t panic.

Dressing for a wedding is simple. As long as you have a system to follow, you should be able to pull together a series of looks each year without any hassle at all. Because each outfit should be made up of several elements.

Seven to be exact. And when you’re able to bring them all together, you’re left with an incredible outfit that you feel could even rival the brides (but it shouldn’t – it is her day after all).

So instead of panicking about how you’re going to pull this off, how much all of the looks are going to cost, and whether you’ll even find something, take a step back. Just work on these seven elements, and you’ll have the wedding guest outfit all others will be envious of!

Choose Your Colour

When you’re trying to start from scratch, you may find it too overwhelming to just see what appeals to you the most. Because when you’re faced with so many different dresses and outfits across all of the stores you love, you may not even know what you should go with. So, one of the best ways to get started is to pick a colour and go from there. This means that you’re going to want to choose a colour that will form the base of your look.

One Piece Or Two

When you know what colour you’re going to be wearing, it’s time to seek out your outfit. But, you should also make sure that you know what kind of thing that you want to wear. Because again, even though you’ve worked out the colour palette you want to go with, that’s not often enough. You’ll still be faced with too much choice. So now, you’ll want to work out whether it’s going to be a dress or jumpsuit, or a two-piece such as a skirt or trousers with a top.

Keep Your Outerwear Simple

From here, when it comes to your outerwear, you’re then going to want to make sure that you have something that really sets off the look. Don’t try to go too fussy with your coats or jackets at an occasion unless it’s part of a set. Instead, you want them to complement the look, not take away from it.

Always Wear Heels

When it comes to looking elegant as a wedding guest, always make sure that you wear heels. You may think that you want to go with flats or super small heels for comfort, but honestly, you won’t feel at your best. Wearing heels always makes you feel more confident and elegant. It improves posture and they can make any outfit just pop! So pick out comfortable heels that will set off your look.

Match Your Bag

You’re going to want to make sure that you’re picking out a bag that suits your shoes. Don’t always match it to your outfit and then leave your shoes out (unless you’re matching them to the hat). Selecting accessories can be hard. But when you get them to work, it will set your outfit off.

Find A Complementary Hat

When it comes to headwear, you’ll always want to stick with something neutral. That way, it can be worn to all of your occasions. So make sure that you’re going with something black, nude, white or so. That way, you’ll be able to get more wear out of your hat or fascinator rather than just the one.

Finish Off With Make-up

Finally, one of the most important parts of your outfit is going to be hair and makeup. Because no outfit is complete until your beauty is brought in. The right make-up can make a boring outfit really work. So make sure that you’re planning your smoky eye or bold lip to match the look you’re going for. And try to match the makeup to the theme – not necessarily the colors. With your hair, go with whatever fits best. 

Heading to a wedding soon? 

What do you usually wear? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x