Making jeans work every time

Making jeans work every time

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for most of us. They are so easy to wear them casually or dress them up when we want to make a big fashion statement. Yet, for some of us, looking great in jeans every time is not so easy. It’s often difficult to find a pair that fit well and when we do, we can end up looking too short or larger than we actually are, which is not the effect we’re looking for! The good news is, there are numerous things that we can do to look better in our jeans however we wear them. So, if like me, you struggle to pull off jeans every time, stick around, I have some tips that might just help!

Have Them Tailored

It might not have been something you have considered before, but it may be worth it! I always struggle to find jeans that fit perfectly. They are either to big on the waiste, or to tight on my bum and thighs. Some struggle with the ideal length. The one way to perfect your fit is to have them tailored to you are your shape. Local tailors are unlikely to charge you much for basic alterations. So, it needn’t add to much to your clothing bill, but it will add to your self-confidence.

Go for a Dark Wash

Lighter, faded and distressed jeans might be extremely fashionable, but if you want to look slimmer in your jeans, you can’t beat a dark wash like charcoal or indigo.  They do wonders and can slim down your legs. They’re also far more versatile and can be teamed with pretty much anything you fancy throwing on with your jeans.

Wear with Matching Heels

If you wear your jeans with a pair of heels in the same colour, it will have a lengthening effect on your body, which will make you look slimmer as well as taller if that is something that’s important to you. Just pairing any jeans with heels will also accentuate your legs, and straighten your posture. So if a night on the town is on the cards, do not dismiss a good pair of heels and jeans combo!

Choose High Rise Jeans

I have often asked myself, where can I get liposuction? From time to time my muffin top peers over my jeans, and if not careful I can look and feel huge. But, by changing my jeans style, I can really tuck in my muffin top and lumps and bumps. High rise jeans pull you in in all of the right places, elongate your legs and overall make you look and feel fabulous!

Go for Shorter Styles

If you’re wearing skinny or straight leg jeans, choose styles that end an inch or two before your ankle. Once again, they will have an elongating effect on your legs, with the added bonus of making your legs seem far slimmer too.

Go for Bigger Back Pockets

If you’re looking to slim down your booty, choosing jeans that have a bigger back pocket will do this. Conversely, if you want to accentuate your bottom and make it appear a bit fuller, smaller pockets should have that effect.

Be Confident

Of course, if you wear your jeans with confidence, you’ll always look fantastic no matter what! So, hold your head high, rock your jeans and enjoy wearing them however you like!

Charlotte x