Mid Year Life Goals

Can you ruddy believe we are heading into the latter part of 2018! Honestly, it was only yesterday I was sitting at home eating Christmas Cake, binging on Christmas movies, but yeah whatever.

The universe continues to spin at ultimate speed and the rest of us are left scratching our head on how it all wizzed by! Just me? Okay!

So what are mid year goals? Well, it’s the time I re-access what I wanted to do with my year, and based on how far I have come in the first 6 months, I realise how crazy I was to think I could achieve even half of what I wanted to!

Yeah Exactly.

So here are the goals I set out earlier this year, and how I am getting on, as well as a little update on what I hope or think I will achieve by January 2019!

Grow my blog  

I am soo happy with where I am going with my blog! I have grown so much over the last year and have really focused on my planning, prepping and scheduling of my content.
I have been rolling in ideas and upcoming content for the coming days, weeks and even months! Over the next 12 months, I hope my blog continues to grow in following, content and presence.

And you know what, I think I am on track and more! I have started to take my instagram a lot more seriously, and aim to take regular snaps on the weekend and upload every day where possible! I have also started to care less on formality and make things work for me! I have grown in following, certainly on Twitter, and my blog views have been on a steady increase!

I have really started to grow in ideas too, including content and new platforms for me and my blog. I even started a Youtube Channel, which I did want to make a goal, but really didn’t want to put it out there encase I chickened out again.

Hone in on my photography 

Last year I really didn’t use the tools I had available to create the pictures my posts deserved. I have a superb camera to use, and in the latter part of 2017, I started to actually play around and use it, albeit in the worst light of winter.
Whilst it can be tiresome to create the ‘perfect’ flatlay, it’s so satisfying sitting back at the post as a whole and having real pride in it. I hope over the next 12 months of more experimenting, to really hone in on my photography.

Again,  I think I am on bloody track! I have started to take pride in the snaps I create for both my blogs and my instagram account. I am no where near as good as I want to be, and yes sometimes I am megaaaa lazy and take next to no pictures for weeks at a time. But, I think I am getting there, and creating a routine for myself to take multiple images at a time.

Become Healthy 

Unfortunately there isn’t a how to guide nor check-list on how to become completely healthy.
I defiantly googled and searched the web for such book. We all know the main logistics and components needed to become healthier in every way possible. Exercise, veg, fruit, water. It’s all there, yet I have been utterly terrible and actually applying any of these to my own life. Whilst I do want to loose a little flab before my wedding, I want to become overall healthier, fitter and more comfortable in my body.

Yeah and here is where I let myself down. Don’t get me wrong, I have been more cautious of my intake of sugar, and the foods I am eating, but I am no where near as ‘healthy’ or fit as I wanted to be. I really need to pull my finger out and get working, but I just have no energy to do so!

Be A Wife

I am becoming a wife this year! Scarily, this includes having a wedding! And a honeymoon!! As you can imagine, I am so excited to have a spectacular day with friends, family and of course my soon to be husband. And to top it off, we are heading off on an amazing honeymoon to celebrate. Just six months and we can start our life as Husband and Wife!

Working on it I promise! Just 54 days till I tick this one! Not much else to comment!

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Simpler Living 

This is a bucket list point that I will be expanding on, since it’s something all of us could do to a certain extent. I really want to be living a simpler life in 2018. We can all get so consumed in social media and materialistic objects, we forget the real important things.

Whilst I love to get out and about, experience new things, and purchase new things, I really want to lose myself a little bit. Stop relying on social media to keep up to date. Stop being drawn in to buying the new gadgets, and do things for me. I plan to utilise social media for my blog, and stand back from false advertisement of ‘perfect lifestyles’.

I feel I have been laxing on this one, but I have certainly been taking a much more relaxed and open view on social media. I only use it for major events or just for blog related content. In my personal life, I have un-friended many and blocked others. I have both my Facebook and personal instagram private and upon reflection, do not want every tom, dick and harry seeing my most personal updates and snaps. There isn’t much difference from my public and private profiles, but moving forward with the wedding and possibly starting a family, I don’t want old school acquaintances seeing my most cherished moments.

I have also been taking a step back on how much I engage and scroll aimlessly on Facebook and Instagram. I found myself clicking on the apps without real reason, which can be a downward spiral of procrastination.

Any new goals? 

You bet there’s some added extras! As we head into the latter part of the year ( scary huh! ), I have started to focus on what TRULY matters to me in my life. I want to be happy in every aspect possible, and grab the bull by it’s horns whilst I can. I am no spring chicken and want to make sure we take full advantage of spending the first 6 months as man and wife!

Here’s a few that I want to try and conquer in the next 6 months.


Discounting the honeymoon, the drought of 3 years having stepped out of England is coming to an end this year for sure! Despite heading away for 18 days on our honeymoon, I am desperate to get some more air miles this year. I’m thinking New York and somewhere for some short sun in October!

Move up the property ladder

This maybe a little ambitious, but thanks to the hotter weather, I have realised we are in dire need for a home with a little more space, including an outdoor one! I love our little apartment, but It’s time to nab some more, over two level space which we can start a family in!

Delete social media apps

Prodominatly Facebook, because hello, who even uses it This is one that my Fiancée has stopped me from doing, but you know what It needs to be done. Of course I’m not deleting profiles, just the apps on my phone, so I can cut back on the time I am hunched over my phone screen every couple of hours!

Overall I am pretty happy with the first half of this year. I have been pre-occupied as expected, but I really hope to up my game in the last 6 months with my blog. I want to get my name out there, approach companies and brands myself and build my SEO and DA score.

Is there anything you want to see from me in the next 6 months?

Do you have half year targets?

As always, leave your comments and thoughts below!

Charlotte x