Show your readers you care!

Show your readers you care!

Many of us have our very own business. Whether it be our blog, online etsy store or consultation services, we all have customers in one way or another. And how do we get repeat, constant custom? By doing good!

The question is, do your customers know that you care?

Truth be told, it can depend on a variety of factors. The first factor is to understand how you and your business / brand might want to show due care and attention. Let’s talk about your blogging, your brand and your business as a creator and influencer. Your customers ( readers ), want to know you care about them, and them only. This will keep them returning and help build a sense of brand loyalty that you should be incredibly interested in sustaining long-term. Especially for your website and social media. The great news is, It’s perfectly possible to achieve this. However, it will require a little give on your part, and a willingness to invest and show goodwill where appropriate. It’s also important to have this seem natural, and not simply a manner of appealing to the emotions of customers in order to gain more investment, engagement or just followers. Here are some of the best methods for how to do this:

Welcoming & Exciting Events

Running events can be a great way of bringing your readers together, and having them become excited for new affairs within your brand, but with other like minded bloggers too. Hit a local coffee shop for a natter and coffee, or take it big. Getting lots of other bloggers on board and spreading the word could create a buzz for a much larger, impactful event. Hire in a fews marquees and host a party. Contact brands and local business’ who could showcase products, or even scout out for new bloggers / influencers to work alongside. This can be a huge positive for your brand and exposure and can also get you in touch with your ideal target reader – the fellow blogger! 

Give back

People often enjoy supporting brands and business’ that preach good business practices, and those who hold a positive impact on the world. You might not need to be engineering the solution to taking all plastics out of the ocean or sealing the ozone layer, but you can give back where possible, and invest in the local community. After all, it feels damn good!  Supporting local charities or hosting charitable and community lead events can hugely help give to a greater cause, and create a sense of community around your brand. Consider hosting events every year that can be charity based, but also raise awareness of you and your brand.

Listen To Feedback

Customers and clients will often give you feedback in terms of how your products are, how the delivery method was, how appropriate the pricing is amongst other things. When working with brands, be sure to ask how they found working with you, and ask whether they had any feedback they would be happy to pass on.  A huge indicator from your readers is within your comment section on your posts, and of course comments and conversations on your social media platforms. Whilst there can be a lot of hate directed towards public bloggers and influencers, try and take onboard constructive feedback. Readers like to feel appreciated when they are listened to and it’s never been easier to open up communication channels than now. Host polls on instagram and twitter if you would much rather a voted answer than commented feedback. 

Keeping it real 

There is nothing more appealing for readers than a sense of a blogger and their down to earth persona. Keeping true to yourself should always be your number one priority and can be one of the main factors as to why they continue to support you as you grow. Be sure to find time to read comments, tweets and feedback, and try and respond if possible. Interact with your supporters and readers as much as possible, and they will be more encouraged to reciprocate. With these rather small efforts, your readers will start to get a sense of care and be tempted to support you continually as a result.

How do you show your readers you care? 

Any tips that I need to add to the list? 

Lemme know in the comment section below! 

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