Three ways to liven up your Wedding Reception

Three ways to liven up your Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is, obviously, supposed to be an incredibly fun and joyous time. The general template for one of these life-defining events is pretty clearly established; go somewhere nice with your friends and family, have music playing (usually courtesy of a DJ), eat, drink, dance, and have a good time.

While there’s nothing wrong with that basic layout by any means, there are some straightforward and interesting ways you can tweak the formula and make things that much more fun, memorable, and exciting.

Here are a few attractions you can bring to your wedding reception, along with some reasons why you might want to.

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Hire a live band

Hiring a live band, courtesy of a service such as, is a brilliant way of making the reception more dynamic, engaging, and interactive than it would be with the standard DJ configuration.

Among other things, a live band can interact with the crowd or make pre-planned statements on your behalf. They can take requests, and can introduce their own flair and style to the proceedings. A live band is, of course, also likely to sound that much better than music played over a sound-system.

With a good live band, your wedding guests will feel like they’re at a musical event (especially after a few drinks) rather than just at a party with music playing. Before too long they will likely start making requests from the band, and things can only get more entertaining from there.

Hire a dance instructor

A wedding reception will, as a rule, always feature a healthy amount of dancing — some of it refined and elegant, and some of it a bit more chaotic, improvised and euphoric.

But while your aunt and uncle may have mastered the waltz, and while you and your significant other have likely brushed up on your dance moves before the ceremony, there will likely be a number of your guests who are not especially comfortable with the idea of hitting the floor and showing off their moves.

For their sake — but also for the sake of everyone else learning something new and having a good time — hiring a dance instructor to attend the wedding reception and give some pointers can be a fun thing to do.

Keep in mind, though, that these dancing “lessons” should be in the spirit of the reception overall. They should be lighthearted, fun, playful, and non-obligatory. Have the instructor teach everyone the Macarena.

Hire an artist

Wedding photographers are one thing, but have you ever considered hiring a good old-fashioned artist to attend your reception, and draw portraits of you and others who want them?

The possibilities with an artist are nearly endless. He can do a serious sketch of you and your beloved having your first dance as a married couple, or he can draw caricatures of anyone who feels like having a bit of fun at their own expense.

You could even hire an artist to give a basic drawing lesson to the children while everyone else is busy dancing.

What entertainment do you plan to have on your wedding day? 

Any other ideas that should be added to the list? 

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