Shake the stress off your own wedding day

Your wedding reception should mark the turning point of not just the wedding day, but also the whole months-long process of putting the big day together. There’s no longer anything to plan, nor is there the pressure of walking up the aisle.

However, it’s not uncommon for brides to still feel a little stressed when they should be enjoying themselves.

Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t have that issue.

Give yourself some time

Following the ceremony itself, you’re going to still have some things to do before the reception officially starts. This might include a private moment with your new spouse, some time to calm your nerves, and those all-important photos.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to do all the in-between essentials but make sure that the guests aren’t bored, as well. Serving a little reception food early and having cocktails or glasses of wine served in the interim can keep them busy with catching up.

Make a quick change

Your wedding dress is the outfit that’s designed to make you look as stunning as possible, so you make an unforgettable first appearance. However, as a result, it’s sometimes a little on the restrictive side.

If you want to enjoy your night and cut some moves on the dance floor without ripping or tripping, change your day to night look on your wedding day.

A dress that allows a little more mobility and is slightly more comfortable to wear with fewer fiddly accessories will be greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to change into more comfortable shoes, as well.

Let the entertainment do the entertaining

You are going to be dealing with guests all night. Many of them you will deal with fondly, but it may start to feel like a chore. Don’t give yourself too many hostess duties during the reception or you will find yourself exhausted by the time the evening actually begins.

Make sure you choose the right entertainment to liven up your reception, so you don’t have to. This should be your opportunity to relax a little and simply bask in the love of your friends, family, and your brand-new spouse.

Make use of the bridesmaids

If there are some things to still be taken care of, it should fall under the duties of your bridesmaids. This might include wrangling family members and important loved ones for photos. It might include calling people to their seats when dinner is being served. If you have a photo booth or another vendor or entertainer who needs a little help and there are no reception venue staff on hand, let the wedding party do it. You want them to enjoy themselves, too, but you should be delegating instead of handling every little thing yourself.

Where possible, try not to worry about how smoothly the wedding reception goes. Little unexpected interruptions and even minor accidents can only make the day more memorable, so while you can hope for the best, it’s good to just go with the flow.