What to know before booking your wedding florist

What to know before booking your wedding florist


When it comes to weddings, I think that everyone is in agreement on what the main features are. The venue and wedding dress, for example, are probably the two big considerations that the bride to be will have while planning the big day. However, it’s also important that some of the smaller details of the ceremony are carefully considered as well. After all, the devil is in the details, and getting the smaller features just right can really help your wedding feel extra special.

Take your flowers, for instance. Even though these won’t be centre stage throughout the day, your guests will certainly notice them, and the florals you go with can change the whole decor of the wedding. So, it’s important to think carefully about the ones you want. Here are some tips that can help you decide.

Don’t Expect Exact Colours

When you are consulting with a wedding florist and trying to decide which flowers and bouquet styles to go with, you will probably be shown a lot of pictures in magazines and online. When you are browsing the different florals, it is always important to remember that the colours you see in the images might not match with the flowers that you are sent. That’s because flowers come in a variety of shades as each individual flower has its own undertones in its petals. Your florist should be able to give you a good idea of the general shade to expect.

See Your Bridal Bouquet As An Investment

You will probably want to keep your bridal bouquet for as long as possible after the wedding. I know some people who still display theirs on their mantelpiece even though their wedding was over a decade ago! So, it’s a good idea to pay a little more for the bunch of flowers you will carry down the aisles. It needs to be a bouquet that you are going to love for quite some time, so make it your floral priority!

On A Tight Budget? Go Monochrome

You don’t have to miss out on gorgeous flowers just because your wedding budget is quite tight. There are ways to make your florals as affordable as possible. One thing you can do is to opt for a monochromatic colour scheme. That just means that your flowers are all one colour. It will still help your day look colourful, and won’t push you over budget.

Rent Vases From The Florist

Buying flowers is one thing, but buying all the vases and other containers to display them in is something else entirely! Even if your florals were reasonably priced, you might find that buying the necessary vases can be quite expensive. Thankfully, there is a very easy way around this – just rent them from your florist. Most wedding florists will offer this service. You will just need to pay a breakage deposit which will be returned in full when you send back the vases.

Which gorgeous flowers will you choose for your big day?