Why I’ll be on IGTV!

Why I’ll be on IGTV!

I’ll be completely honest with you, I had a whole post about Youtube and why I started, posted one and stopped. And I had every intention to start following the wedding and honeymoon.

But our girl Instagram had a whole other idea and launched IGTV. I know there has been lots of mixed emotions but hey, I think it’s ruddy great. So here’s my original post, peppered with my opinion on IGTV and how I intend to use it.

Yes, I started a Youtube account. I created the banner, a template for video thumbnails. All the generic shizz to get me up and running. I upload ONE video andddd flunk.

Joke of it is, despite having a great camera, my Macbook doesn’t like the file setup and bladdy bladdy blah. I could sort it out. I could bite my lip and purchase the file translator thing. But, yanno I just don’t have time. Thing is I like to think I am a perfectionist and well the video quality on my laptop webcam that I filmed my one and only upload on was alright butttt when the laptop went into overdrive you heard the hum on the footage. * insert facepalm*.

Yeah so. And then the footage from my phone was again alrightttt, but just not up to standard for my style of edited and ‘polished’ footage. And although I was becoming more confident in talking to the blank staring camera, it just wasn’t looking the way I wanted it to be. Youtube is all about being polished, edited and tidy. My current equipment and funds didn’t really allow me that.

In comes IGTV like the popular new girl at a party and I am instantly interested. And now I am thinking, I might have subconsciously chosen the perfect time to try out a new platform for video too. I don’t know about you but I am excited to see what will come from this IGTV!

Why? Because it’s raw, its a current platform and it’s different. Different because you don’t ‘need’ that fancy camera, nor the expensive editing suite. You can just film and post to an already established platform.

Honestly, I think this is a smart move and will benefit small creators, bloggers and influencers more than we care to imagine right now. I love that I don’t have to follow my already favourite influencer or blogger on another platform to get their video content. I love that I can start creating and exploring and experimenting with video without having to point my current followers and supporters to a whole ‘nother platform.

I literally love it!

So, here’s the deal. I get married in, ooooo, 4 weeks, and then on honeymoon for a further 3 weeks. After the mess that is unpacking, settling into ‘married lifegulp, and money comes in that won’t be shipped into wedding fund account, I’m going to hit the ground running.

So that’s the deal right? Shake on it? Okay!

So if you think, ‘ahh here we go, Charlotte started something else again and didn’t see it through’, I would usually agree with you. But, this time Imma prove you and me wrong. Because I actually rather like filming me and everything I get up too. And I really rather like watching others too! Just this time, it won’t be on the platform everyone else uses, it will be the one I am already fighting daily to grow and achieve on.

Who’s with me?

But, in the meantime, I will be hitting up my insta story section a whole lot more, so if you fancy a bit of my face a little more regularly, be sure to follow me there!


And, if there is anything you want to see from me, Blog, social media or Youtube style, hit me up and lemme know! 

Charlotte x