Creating a blog strategy and sticking to it.

Whilst many of us pop up a blog and go with it, some of us, me included fall into the real whirlwind of creating your own content. It’s having complete freedom over your writing and working with brands and companies that suit you! And whilst we all find our way, and keep true to why we create content ( because we ruddy love it ), there a comes a time where we want to strive and achieve more. There’s no harm in wanting success from something you love!

Blogging is just that. Finding your own way to your ideal success. After all, success can only be determined and measured by you. Truth is, we can keep plugging and trying new things all the time, but there does come a point that we have to accept that proof comes with planning.

As the saying goes, planning prevents piss poor performance! 

So here I am, after careful deliberation and consideration of the direction I want to take my blog, my social media and my personal brand. And true to my nature, I have managed to concoct a strategy and plan. Here’s how I created my own strategy for my blog, and how you can do the same! You might wanna grab a brew for this one! 

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Pinpoint what you want to achieve. 

This may or may not be a tough one to do, but really try and consider your ultimate goal when it comes to your blog. It can be big or small, but have a real ‘end goal‘. From here, you can start to track back some of the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

If you’re struggling for goal ideas, here are some to get your mind ticking.

END GOAL – Create an all round website = Fluid content = Create more versatile and creative content on various platforms – (See how I have worked back here from the ultimate goal?)

An experience for the audience in which all content compliments each other. Using social media to enhance your followers experience and make it worth while to follow and engage on all platforms, not just one. 

END GOAL – Grow in lifestyle content = be involved in more events = grow in following. 

Grow my following by commenting more on other blogs, engaging more on social media and plugging my work with friends and family. Reaching out to fellow bloggers and brands and get my name widely spread amongst the community. 

Consider your platforms. 

Are you wanting to expand the platforms you are on? Do you want to create a more fluid experience for your audience? ( I’m talking to myself here! ) 

Really look and consider the platforms you are using, and where you could either expand or even cut back on. It’s not all about being accessible on every platform and media, it’s about using your outlets wisely. With the coming of InstagramTV, it maybe the right time to consider video, if you haven’t already.

Look at your stats.

The best port of call, when looking to expand and achieve more, is to look at what you’re already doing, and what they are achieving. You may think that certain posts or content may be the way forward, but your stats could say otherwise. Take a close look at what your audience engages, views and takes a liking to more than others, and you will know the areas of strength and weakness in your content!

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Look to your peers.

There is such thing as healthy competition. Especially in the blogging market. We are all evolving and moving forward together, and whether we like it or not, there will be mimicking within the market. The trick here is to not plagiarise, imitate or copy, but to adapt an idea to suit your style. Nothing will ever be completely yours, whatever business you are in. But to make something work for you, you have to have your own spin on it.

Look to your peers, your role models and look what makes you go back for more. Consider whether this is something you could uniquely adapt for your website / social media and work on intertwining it into your brand.

Think outside the box.

It can be pretty easy to fall into everything everyone else is doing, especially when you see it working so well for others. Whilst we can of course embrace, alter and use others way of doing things or the content they produce, it’s sometimes better to think out of the box. As hard as it may be, it can be really rewarding and take your blog to a completely different level.

Honestly, having goals and a strategy on how to get there can have such a huge and positive impact on your blog. I have become more driven to succeed and really feel like I have a focus in mind when it comes to moving forward and creating my content.

Will you be creating a blog strategy? 

Do you have any tips for bloggers creating theirs? 

As always, start some natter in the comment section below! 

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