Creating a home celebrating mindfulness, on a budget!

Creating a home celebrating mindfulness, on a budget!

De-cluttering. Mindfulness. Balance. Minimalism. Peace. Those are all things that can be associated with your mental, emotion and physical self – but also your surroundings. One feeds very quickly into the other. When we are in a messy room, it can be mere moments before we feel uncomfortable and need some sort of order restored.

That is why de-cluttering your space is essential and even more of a reason that minimalism is the ideal design goal for your home. How are some ways that you can achieve that on a budget though? Listen up! 

Throw things away. Don’t rush into it, mark out items that can be recycled or sold. Clothing can go to clothing banks, electricals can be given to shelters or recycling programmes, and true junk can be thrown away. Make yourself more space in your space.

Lighten and brighten your walls. White is the obvious choice,  the lighter the walls, the more light they will bounce around the room – giving the impression it is much bigger than it indeed is. The most pleasing walls, on Instagram and while flipping through magazines are ones with very little on them. A few key pieces (of any budget you like) are perfect here.

Think light. As much natural light as possible. We aren’t all lucky enough to have standard sized windows so you might want to use a company like make my blinds to get the right size. Blinds not only look contemporary because of their clean lines, but they don’t look bulky at any time of year and let is a very soft beautiful light.

Think simple. We all have our own personal tastes, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be using that in your home, but there are just some pieces of furniture that look cleaner than others. You can find a balance between older pieces, with colours and textures and newer more Scandinavian design influenced pieces – think IKEA meets Habitat. Functional uses the space well, adds to the environment and fits your personality and the end design goal.

Invest in better storage. The more storage space you create, the less ‘things’ you will have on display and need to continually tidy. Minimalism and clutter don’t tend to go hand in hand, so think about how you will tackle the things you did want to get rid of.

Think about the colours. Of course, you’ll be thinking white here, and actually, you’d be right. Starting with as much white space as possible is essential. You can then carefully tackle where things will go, find another accent colour you like, how to room will work for you. Black and white is one of the most popular colour combinations when it comes to minimalist interior design. However, you are likely to see some colour pops from artworks and interesting pieces.  

Think green. The final tip would be adding in plants. You and the plant have a lot in common – you do better in light, airy spaces and kept well hydrated. 

Charlotte x