Gettin’ Honest

‘That’s private, you shouldn’t tell or talk about that to people.’ 

How many times has that been drummed into you when it comes to personal health or finances?

‘ I don’t want to tell her, because then she’ll probably go and copy! ‘ 

How many girls think that when complimented and asked where an item is from?

‘ This was such a bargain, but I won’t tell anyone else because I want it for myself! ‘ 

How many people keep their bargains to themselves purely to make themselves look better off, or minimise the risk of fellow friends nabbing it too?

Why are we sooo against being honest, even when it could help others? 

Take this for example – How many of us get down when we consider our financial prospects, despite seeing everyone else around you looking like they have it handled? How are you struggling? Why can’t you go on 3 holidays, 2 city breaks and buy Tiffany jewellery every week?  

Of course we are being duped as the generation of over sharers, but the reality is, sharing is caring, even if it’s not what they want to hear, or you want to reveal.

Truth be told, your friend or family member or instagram pal either have their crap together financially, unlikely,  or decide to scrimp back on other aspects to get what they want. Either way, they are not killing it , they have just made decisions that work out for them and are slightly different to you.

Maybe if we were all a little more open and honest how we do things, we may spare loved ones feeling pressured and insecure in their financial stability themselves?

We live in an incredibly materialistic generation where we are based and judged upon the car we drive, the home we sleep in and the clothes we wear.  Yet we are all very quick to shut the lid on the secrets on how we manage and spend our money. Why?

And it isn’t just contained to our monetary spending. Oh no, we keep the lid on many a things with our pals and family, mainly through pride. NO ONE wants to share their tricks, struggles or worries. We all seem to just smile and wave.

Let’s all just swallow our pride for one second and consider how we can help others. Spread the word on your problems, be honest and you may just help someone else face theirs.

We all face various issues through our life.

Credit cards reconciliation. Mortgage concerns. Relationship collapse. Job insecurity. Fertility complications. Health scares. Depressive thoughts. Post-natal depression. Debt build up. Family turmoil. Job stress. Bullying. Sexual assaultSexuality. Racism. Gender equality. Nationality. Sexism. 

Fears. Worries. Concerns. Feelings. 

These should all be normalised and common subjects areas we should be opening up and discussing with those we trust. Discussing and debating over the dinner table, educating our children and peers about. A healthy debate can only open our mind to others opinions and views on such topics.

In no way am saying we should share all and everything personal and sensitive even if we don’t want to- hell no. But the stigma of bottling away our troubles and not discussing issues we may be facing as adults needs to cease. Only then will suicide, depression and anxiety towards unfortunate every day life perils begin to fall.

Confiding can often open up communication with those that are probable struggling just as equally and you didn’t even know it. There is nothing better than finding someone else who is feeling or going through what you are. Someone else who can read your mind without you having to speak. Someone who truly understands.

Let’s start being honest. Let’s start sharing and discussing with friends and family our struggles, problems and worries. I promise, you will find someone on the same page as you, and you’ll feel much better!

Charlotte x