Giving your home a tailored touch

Giving your home a tailored touch

Sometimes, we all want a bit of flair. Some personality. Whether it be on the car we drive, the clothes we wear or the home we live in. Yet, with the tailored, individual pieces comes expense.

Whilst the likes of Ikea and Primark offer us home essentials and personal touches at rock bottom prices, our homes can lack that real flair of personality. Especially with the fairly popular pieces – all our homes can start to feel the same.

But if you don’t want to be like every other ikea shopper , which isn’t a bad thing of course, just need some variety at the best of times. So, if you’re looking to give your home a splash of individuality and a real tailored touch, keep on reading!

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A Custom bedroom 

Whilst it can be pretty easy to get a run of the mill bed frame from Ikea, Homebase or even Argos, you can certainly inject personality and creativity into your bedroom. Having a custom designed headboard doesn’t have to be expensive. Adding a custom headboard to your divan bed can work out pretty inexpensive, and create an explosion of personality into any room. Be sure to get creative with you material choices too. 

Consider rectangles of quilted silk, shimmering with the natural moonlight. How about individual squares of plywood that creates a ‘blocky’ headboard. Upholstery foam covers the squares and then those are covered in cotton fabric and many different designs exuding an eclectic style.

Colourful Dinner wear

There is nothing more glamourous and individual than colourful china plates that are incredibly detailed. They tend to vary in shades, patterns and sizes but look super gorgeous for a tea party. Usually, the really high-end pieces are only one-of-a-kind, therefore, pretty ruddy expensive.

But don’t worry, you can certainly re-create this gorgeous trend. It’s time to put on your French artisan black beret, twiddle your moustache, and get out your paints and brushes. China plates are better and absorbing plates than ceramic but you may want to get some painting practice on paper plates first before you move onto those. Grab some paint, Oil and acrylic paints are the most widely used for all kinds of artistic endeavours, and you are ready to go.

Once you have done so, allow the plates to dry in a cool place and keep out of the sunlight. And voilla, you have your very own, unique plates to stun and show guests on tea parties and gatherings. They could even make great presents.

Shape for comfort and style

You can literally make anything you wish, including your own sofa! Whilst the frame is something you may need to outsource, creating a sofa of your own comfort and style could never be easier.

Be sure to purchase your foam for cushioning from It comes in many shapes and sizes making it super easy to build your own sofa cushioning and size it to the exact measurements of your choosing. The height, width, and length are all up to you, so you may design a sofa that not only fits your style but practically suits your living space. They have rectangle cushions, bull nosed, rounded edge, all rounded, window/dining seats, cylinder, bar stool, 4-part lounge cushions and many more. Go for a classic style or something eclectic; whatever your imagination demands. Be sure to choose fabric that compliments your space, and personality. No one will ever have the same!

Reflecting the mood

Every room in your home has its own special meaning. A different vibe from the rest of the house and harbouring its own style in some way. Painting each door of different rooms in colours that reflect the mood is automatically an assumed characteristic of what lies beyond the door.  You could even paint just one side of your door for a more stylish approach.

It will take a steady hand, but it’s a pretty inexpensive but instant face lift to your home. There’s a little video below to help get your creative juices flowing!

Hopefully this little post has helped you get some creative ideas for making your home more you. Whilst the neutrals of a home can be appealing, just some times it’s worth being bold. 

Have you done anything bold and tailored to your home? 

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Charlotte x