Head to Darwin for the perfect getaway

Head to Darwin for the perfect getaway

It’s not often that many of us decide to hit Australia for a holiday. I mean, I know people go, but usually to travel for prolonged periods of time. But what about a winter getaway? What about a 3 week stint away in the summer?

As is expected, there is so much to explore when it comes to Australia, and granted it’s not a short haul flight to get there, but that by no means it can’t be a holiday destination for next year!

So if you want to head somewhere with warmth, whatever the season, and pit stops that most of your friends haven’t ventured to, listen up. I have all the reasons why you should hit up Darwin, Australia for your next holiday!

 A Wide Variety Of Accommodation Available 

 There are sooo many options when it comes to  budget accommodation in Darwin . Whatever your budget, there is ample to choose from including quality hotels fit for a family, business buddy or even backpackers.

A big tip for choosing any accomodation, is to take a look at the popular attractions of Darwin. Pick and choose the things that take your fancy when you are in the city and go from there. Be sure to pick a hotel that has a central location to where you intend to spend your time. Choosing wisely can potentially save a lot of time and money on travelling around the city.

As always, be sure to check the online reputation of the accomodation. Check out social media posts to from tourists to get a real feel for where you may be spending your time and money. Doing this quick research with help you decide the perfect accomodation.

An Array Of Fine Dining Opportunities 

You will find plenty of excellent dining opportunities around Darwin, with different types of food from all over the world. No matter what your taste buds have a craving for, you will most likely be able to find a café, restaurant or street vendor that sells it somewhere around the city. 

Plenty To See In The City 

Whether you are looking for excellent shopping opportunities or looking for some cultural inspiration, there is plenty to do in and around Darwin. There are art galleries and museums open to the public, as well as an aviation museum and other attractions focused on the World War II era. You can join a walking tour, take in a crocodile show, or take a cruise of the harbour at sunset with your loved one and enjoy the romantic setting. 

Exploring Outside Of The City 

Whilst there are plenty of things to do in and around Darwin, there are also lots of excursions that take you outside of the city for one or two days that you can enjoy. There are lots of national parks you can visit such as Litchfield and Kakadu. There are also lots of activities that you can occupy yourself with such as rock climbing, horse riding, camel riding, and driving an ATV, to name a few. 

Getting to Darwin is easy, and once there, it is also not hard to get around the city using public transport, walking, or even taking a cab. So, if you are looking for somewhere different to go away, take a look at what Darwin has to offer, and you may just be quietly surprised. 

Have you ever been to Darwin?

Are you looking to head to Australia soon?

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Charlotte x