Skinny Bakery : A Review

Sometimes I get some ruddy good blogger mail. Actually, scrap that, a lot of the time I get some bloody good blogger mail. And last week was a stream of them! Why? Because I received possibly the best, low calorie cake and cookies you could dream of!

Yes, cookies and cakes that aren’t full of calories that will tip you over the edge of your daily intake! The question is, have you heard of Skinny Bakery and their magical products? No? Here’s why you need to shop with them now!

So, I was sent a box of goodies from their signature range, and as someone who is trying to stick to a diet, I was a little worried about their arrival. I really couldn’t jump off the wagon and slide down into cake madness. BUT, they promised low calories. And surely that meant they scrimped back on flavour? Oh boy, nooooo! Everything was utterly divine! Here’s what I got!


Skinny Carrot cake pearls

Now, I’m not usually one for carrot cake, but having been sent some carrot cake pearls, which were bursting with low fat, cream cheese frosting too, so I thought what the heck. And these have single handily changed my mind on the good old carrot cake. So delish and soft textured, I could’ve eaten the whole pack myself! I cannot believe these are just 39 Calories each! 

Skinny Chocolate Pearls 

Who doesn’t love some chocolate cake! And these? Well. Chocolate cake at just 42 calories a time, bursting with tofu-chocolate frosting and a good source of protein! Gimme gimme gimme! Ps. I didn’t even know it was tofu-chocolate until after eating the entire tub!

Skinny Red Velvet Pearls 

These beetroot sponges again are packed with low fat, cream cheese frosting and just 34 calories a pop. They taste just like red velvet cake, with the added bonus not being heavy in calories and fat!


Mini Gingerbread Men 

I thought the pearl cakes would be my favourite, but honestly, the cookies and gingerbread gave them competition. I loveeeee gingerbread and never thought they’d be too bad for you. Well, especially not these. At just 39 calories each, they are the perfect tea time treat!

Double chocolate Meringue cookies 

CONFESSION : I didn’t get a snap of these because once I opened the box and insta storied it I just had to open them! And boy, they were so worth it! It’s the gooey bit inside that does it for me! At just 30 calories each, I am not ashamed that I finished them all!

Chocolate & Orange cookies 

And last but no means least, the cookies that were to die for, in my finance’s opinion! I’m not too keen on the chocolate orange combo, but the one cookie I was ‘allowed’ to have was delicious, crisp and perfect dunked in a tea! Can’t grumble at just 36 calories each!

Overall, I was so stunned with the Skinny bakery range. Whenever cake or cookies are considered low in fat, calories and include ingredients like tofu and beetroot, many can turn their nose up. I did! But honestly, I would consider these gorgeous little treats over any, especially when I am looking after my weight.

Even my weight watcher nan couldn’t say no to these!!! 

Have you ever tried Skinny Bakery products before? 

Would you give these a go? 

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Charlotte x

** This is a collaborative post with Skinny Bakery. All opinions are my own.