What I am packing for my wedding morning.

I have just one week and one day until my wedding. And boy has it been a long time coming. If you have been a frequent follower of my blog, thank you for sticking by. Unfortunately, there is still plenty of wedding content to come because I still have so much to share in the coming weeks, before and after the day!

So on to packing. Because yeah, I am packing. Packing for my honeymoon, packing for the wedding venue and packing for the wedding morning. There is sooo much to consider and organise in these final days that my mind sizzles.

So onto the second of many for these. What I’m packing for my wedding morning.

The day before the wedding we will be getting the venue ready. Following the set-up, me and my fiancée will part and I will spend the evening at my parents with my bridesmaids. I will be heading off to the venue on the morning of the wedding to get ready.

There isn’t much to go on in the world of the web, so hopefully this will give some guidance to some of those fellow bride to be’s out there struggling.

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It’s one of the most important meals of the day, even on your wedding morning! Despite probably not wanting to eat too much due to nerves, I will most certainly be packing breakfast snacks and grabs. I can’t imagine anything worse than not eating the morning of, especially with the flow of Prosecco! I have recently been craving fresh fruit and juice, so that is a must for the wedding morning.


Am I even getting ready with my girls if there isn’t a utterly divine robe to wear? It’s something that is mega popular to have when getting ready with the girls, so it was one of the first things I bought. I managed to find some gorgeous robes for me and my girls off Ebay at a really reasonable price. We all have different colours, so I am excited for us all to wear them whilst sipping champagne!

Nail Varnish

Here comes the little iddy bits that I would have forgot, if I allowed myself. I really don’t want to be painting my nails too early, encase of chips from dressing the venue, or general wear and tear. Whilst I am having acrylics on my fingernails, I will get one of my hens to quickly paint my toes, so some nail varnish is a must!


This is something that I have been thinking about for a while. The perfect scent to wear on the day. I love it when a certain scent takes you back to a time and that’s what I want for my perfume. I am still yet to find the perfect scent, and chances are it will be a real last minute nab, but I am eager to get something that I have never worn and will forever remind me of the day!


I cannot forget this! Whilst the dress and veil is the most important part, jewellery just finishes it off! I have some gorgeous pieces of my own, and borrowed that I will be wearing on the day that compliment my dress perfectly. I must just remember them!

Tauc Powder 

I have been eyeing up the weather for a while and today it’s actually showing up on my phone! It’s going to be warm by the looks of things and honestly, I do not want chub rub under my dress. I have been told tauc powder is the best remedy, so I will have plenty encase it’s just a little too warm!

Bridesmaid Prezzies

You can’t forget the thank you gifts! I have previously mentioned the gifts I have been gathering for my girls, and I am so excited to share it with them, and you in a forthcoming post. Alas, I will say no more, other than I am so happy with how they have turned out!

Other than the bridesmaids, we have gifts for our parents and the grooms-man, as well as other helpers, that we cannot miss off the list.


I really want to keep the mood up, even when I may feel emotional, so a ‘getting ready’ playlist is a must. I’m thinking Beyonce tunes and classic pop tracks to get the vocal chords chiming and the laughs started early!

Day After extras 

Luckily, we are staying at our fabulous venue over night, and then whisking off to the airport for our honeymoon! With that comes major preparation for the morning after. There isn’t much to be added, other than a gorgeous satin robe that says Mrs on the back. I want to spend the first morning as a married women sipping champagne in a Mrs robe and this is utterly perfect! Of course, we will be using our personalised wine glasses and eating plenty of breakfast snacks, in bed!

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For now, that’s all I have currently waiting for the wedding morning. I think I have been pretty organised but I am sure there is something I have missed! 

Have any advice or something I need to pack? 

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x