The Skincare I am taking on my holibobs!

Skincare. Its precious isn’t it? Even more so when you find a combination of products that help keep your skin looking and feeling good. So, when you head off on your holibobs, it can be pretty tough to whittle down your some times, rather extensive regime, into something travel-friendly.

What in the hell do you take? What products do you leave? Are you taking too much?

It’s ruddy hard to know exactly what you do and don’t need for your trip away. Especially when you are heading to a hot climate, where sun protection is vital, and products that will moisturise and keep your skin healthy is like gold dust.

Bearing in mind I haven’t hit the sand in 3 years, I am making sure I have every product I will need to keep my skin in tip-top condition whilst abroad and will keep me looking good – hopefully! 


Aloe Vera Gel – Grace & Stella

This is a product I just nabbed on a whim. Since the influx of sunshine on the UK recently, my rather pale skin has taken a hit. I really didn’t want to be heading away with already sun damaged and delicate skin. I have used this already a couple of times and damn am I impressed! It smells utterly divine and applies like a dream. Just as promised, it doesn’t leave an oily residue, which will be perfect when applying in the evening before heading off for dinner.

If you are looking for an after sun gel that will keep your skin hydrated through the sunshine, grab this!

Shop : Grace and Stella


Black head removal face mask – Grace & Stella

Like many of us, I suffer from horrendous black heads on my nose. Desperate to get rid in time for my wedding and honeymoon, I turned to Grace & Stella once again. I hadn’t tried this product before and I was a little dubious. But it lived up to expectations. It was so easy to apply and left my skin feeling gorgeous even after one use. I have some stubborn black heads, and it does advise to use a couple of times a week to see a real effect. I will be using this numerous times before going away, and will be taking it with me too.

Shop: Grace and Stella

Cleansing water – Botanics

This is a product that I have been using for several months now and adore the effect it has on my skin. I have never been so reliant on one single product. It removes any make-up I may have used and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I’m really excited to take this away with me and keep my skin clear.

Shop: Boots

Skin kissed Vitamin C Serum

I am always dubious of any new skin care products for my face. I have always been rather sensitive and whilst I do not have perfect skin, sometimes I cannot be bothered with new products that may make my skin worse! However, I tried out skin kissed after seeing fellow bloggers rave reviews. I am surprised to say, I am soooo glad I did.

It leaves my skin so plumped and has helped so much with the overall appearance of my skin. I don’t think my skin would be the same if I stopped using it just for a couple of weeks!

Shop: Skin Kissed 

If I didn’t have these products for my 18-day honeymoon, I think my skin would be atrocious.

What products do you take on holidays?

Have you tried any of these?

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x