Wardrobe essentials : Must have items

Within every wardrobe, there should be those iconic, staple pieces.

The kind of pieces that NEVER go out of fashion, die in popularity or lose their impact. We are a nation of over spenders and materialistic individuals who often spend money on clothing that simply last a season. Or two if you’re lucky. Whilst I love shopping, I do appreciate a wardrobe that neither dies in fashion, nor cost a fortune to upkeep.

How leather jackets became cool is a story for another day, but for now, grab your notepad, here’s the wardrobe essentials that you need pronto, if you don’t already have them! 

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White Tee

It goes without saying perhaps, but they work dressed up and dressed down. A square neck, a basic crew neck and a scoop are excellent choices. White tees aren’t just for jeans, trousers or skirts, they work well under dresses too. Team with a blazer to get a smart look, or dress down with a leather jacket. 


As above they aren’t a flash in the pan, and while some styles might come and go, the Skinny Fit Jean has been around for years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, any time soon! So, if you haven’t already, it’s best for you to invest in a darn good pair. I look a cropped pair with some brogues is both classic and fresh at the same time! 

Black court heels.

Every gal needs a good old pair of heels and there be no better place to start than a small pair of black court heels. They add some height to your frame, and a more upmarket edge to any outfit. The key is to choose a pair that are just the right height, in which you are able to walk comfortably in – because never did anything kill a look quicker than hobbling down the road. 

A leather jacket.

It is the ultimate in cool and can be a fashion statement all by itself. They go with everything from tulle dresses to ball gowns. They give any clean outfit a bit of an edgier look, they are hard wearing, last for years and frankly the perfect investment. (you might want to get some biker boots for the ultimate cool look).

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A wrap dress.

There really isn’t a more flattering dress, whatever your figure. Pair with a great set of flat pumps, which can take you from your morning commute to a night of cocktails if you need them too. Try and go for a black or nude pair, since these will go with any outfit and don’t have to cost a fortune! 

Ankle boots.

The right style goes with any outfit, from the wrap dress to the skinnies. Don’t be scared to try and pick something with a pop of colour so that even if you aren’t having the best day, you look put together and effortless. Red or white tend to work particularly well whatever the look you’re going for.


Ahh the sunnies! Tired? Sunglasses. Having an emotional day? Sunglasses. Is it actually sunny outside? Sunglasses. The perfect go-to accessory, whatever the weather, whatever the day, whatever the occasion! If you haven’t got a pair, or two, grab some, variant in style. 

Charlotte x