5 Things to do for your blog NOW!

I have been in the blogging game for a fair few years. There are quiet a lot of us that have been, and have seen the journey blogs have been taking, especially with the rise of Instagram and Vlogging.

Its a tough world trying to gain followers, views and collaborations. Many of us look to blogging as the long term career we long for. Truth is, it takes hard work, dedication and sometimes, spells of no money! Alas, if you keep trying, you will finally crack the egg!

I have gathered 5 things EVERYONE should apply to their blog pronto, to achieve productivity and gain views and followers! So stick around, it will make the world of difference to you and your blog!

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1: Have a Instagram account – A separate one!

Do you want to know something I HATE as a blogger. Seeing a little too much on Instagram. I have ALWAYS kept my personal and blogging social media accounts separate. I like to keep things personal but having drunk stories being posted ‘live’ is a little too much to be shown on a professional profile. Keep them segregated and give yourself some privacy. Not everything needs to be shared and isn’t always beneficial.

2: Have your links at the bottom of every post

Be sharing your profiles. Twitter and Instagram is vital for every blogger and I’d be silly to say everyone isn’t aware of it. Don’t be shy in sharing your content wherever possible. Segregating your personal accounts from your blogging one will help you focus purely on sharing and raving about your content. Add your links at the bottom of every post so readers can easily follow you to keep up to date.

3: Create a content schedule

If not only for yourself, create a schedule. Know when you want to be posting and how often. This is vital if you want to succeed and create a loyal base of readers and followers. Try and stick to it where possible and plan, prep, draft and schedule posts for the upcoming weeks and months If you’re really organised.

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4: Use Buffer

Okay, I’ll be blunt, buffer is the BEST social media scheduler I have used EVER! I have used many of the free schedulers and still haven’t found anything that competes with Buffer Paid. For just £6 a month, I manage to schedule and plan my Twitter profile, Facebook page and Instagram feed in one handy app. This site is never not open in my tabs and I would argue the app is the most used on my phone. If you want a schedule that does it all, use buffer!!

5: Buy a diary

And this is the best time to buy one! I always buy an academic diary as the summer months for blogging seem the quietest. Having a physical diary helps me plan and schedule sponsored posts and keep track of upcoming opportunities. I block out time in my diary to schedule tweets, brainstorm content and reply / chase emails. Strongly recommend, especially if you want to have a grasp on your blogging world!

This was a very brief post in the hope to give some content creators some inspiration to keep going. The summer months can be a slow time and can result in lack of motivation to carry on. Hopefully this short post has re-lit the fire and given you the urge to get organised in time for Autumn.

Do you have any advice? Something I should add to the list? Start some natter in the comment section below.

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