Would you just look up?! – Are you a smartphone zombie?

When sitting in Singapore waiting for a rather dazzling short show of water fountains and projected imagery to music, I was excited! We love our music and honestly, my feet were killing and I was glad for the rest.

Justttt as it was starting, the lady in front of us stood up, blocking our entire view and switched on video mode on her iphone. That was it, she was rooted in prime position to film the complete show, uninterrupted. I was quiet frankly pissed. And as a true Brit, said nothing but huffed and moaned.

Once finished, I was half tempted to ask her to send me the video as it had a much better view than I did, but alas I just sulked. It was then I truly realised the zombies, well the rude and rather ignorant beings the common smartphone has created. And this wasn’t the first encounter I had had with such being on our 2 and a half week stint on honeymoon.

It was on the second to last day when I was shoved into by a zombie glaring at their phone screen rather than the path they were walking when I just had enough!

I was in a rage. Literally. I vowed to myself I would do this blog post, to hopefully raise awareness on such smartphone zombies and how you might be one!

I would like to highlight, this was incredibly hard to write without trying to insult every influencer and blogger out there like me. I believe there is a line between the two, albeit a pretty thin one. I didn’t intend to but I have tried to explain what I think the difference is, and hopefully many would agree with me on it.

Symptoms of a smartphone zombie.

  • Usually is snap happy in every environment. They will even picture their freshly painted ‘claws’ to showcase close family and friends.
  • When in a live environment, will usually live video and upload to Instagram or Snapchat. Will also video entire sets or displays on the off chance they will want to re-watch at a later date. ( They never will ).
  • Carries round portable charging units for when their smartphone runs out of juice. Often happens at midday!
  • Every new location, eatery and event requires a check-in on Facebook and location tag on Instagram. It’s just the done thing apparently.
  • Often bangs into people in public spaces due to their head being in their screen.
  • Will get rather moody and often defensive if asked to leave their phone alone.

What’s the difference between a smartphone zombie and an influencer/blogger?

Can I be honest with you? When not doing something that I feel will be positive on my blogging social media accounts, I steer clear of social media. I switch off, take off my blogger hat and enjoy it for what it is. Whether it be a dinner with hubby, a trip to the local theatre or a movie night in. Many would say I don’t post enough of the everyday things, but that’s me relaxing, unwinding and enjoying time for myself.

The thing with social media influencers and bloggers is the perception they are often bragging or just being on the rather extreme end of the spectrum. Their life is their blog and social media profile. All in all, social media ‘consumers’ believe they get paid for doing everything everyone else does on the daily. Pfft!

Truth be told, social media contributors like influencers and bloggers aren’t the smartphone zombies I refer to. Its much rather the everyday consumers. The every day Joe and Sandy that scroll through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on the alternate and often find themselves engaging in posts and updates without even realising it.

What’s your point here Charlotte?

In a nutshell, why are we all so hooked on phones in the most inconvenient and frankly ridiculous times? Why is it, when something is happening, whether it be a fireworks display or a show, we grab our phones and start recording? Is it because we feel validity when we post and share what we have been up to? Is it because we are perceived to be doing nothing unless we post otherwise?

Whatever it be, rather than enjoying the moment, taking it in and accepting it for the here and now, we almost ruin the moment all for the case of capturing the perfect snap or video. And the best bit, you wouldn’t even re-watch that shoddy, terrible recording of Lorde on stage anyway, so why even bother?

Everyone has been this person at least one stage of their life. Heck, I have. And whilst It may seem like I’m judging everyone else for something I am not, it’s much rather I sympathise because I was a smartphone zombie for a short spell. It was of course before I realised how sodding annoying they are!

I *might* be a smartphone zombie, how can I change?

Great news, you’ve realised this could be pretty unhealthy. You may even injure yourself if you’re busy scrolling and updating on the move. So you want to change, for the better? Yassss you do! Here are some little self-help memos to live by that could help you curb your smartphone zombie symptoms.

  • Realise everything is to look good! Yup, literally. We only share the ‘best’ bits, much like a highlight reel!
  • Create phone free zones. Like bedrooms, dinner tables and date nights. These imaginary zones will help you curb your scrolling to certain areas and times of the day!
  • In it together! You may not be the only smart phone zombie, so drag in your pals and partners too!
  • Give yourself some privacy. You do deserve some privacy when it comes to your life. You don’t have to share every detail of it online. Save some pictures from your holiday for yourself and refrain from tagging and checking in whilst out and about.
  • There is a time and a place. To take pictures, make a video and upload to social media. Many people upload AFTER the event. Your uploads do not have to be a live stream of your life. Enjoy and update later if need be.
  • You can still take snaps and videos. Boy, I’m not saying you can’t take pictures nor video, just ask yourself WHY you’re doing it. Will you really re-watch this? Will it just take up memory space on your phone?

The idea of this post is to stir some reaction. I cannot be the only one who is fed up of seeing families on their phone at a dinner table or friends out for coffee all scrolling through insta.

Are you a smart phone zombie?

Do you agree? Maybe you disagree?

Let’s get chatting in the comment section below!

Charlotte x