I’m back – A quick life update.

You missed me? Its been nearly three whole weeks since I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth and in turn my blogging sphere.

But have no fear, I am back and rearing to go!

So where have I been? Well, encase you didn’t catch my Instagram updates or not caught up on all my recent content, I only went and got ruddy married and hit the run-way pronto on our honeymoon!

Justttt as I invisioned, the day went perfectly, still a little bit blurry and it already feels like a lifetime ago! The honeymoon was superb, and despite hitting some glitches thanks to our airline, we had the best, most relaxing and full on time possible.

We actually did soooo much in the 2 and a half weeks we were away, that the wedding doesn’t feel part of it!

The Wedding

We got married on Thursday July 26th and if you don’t remember, it was pretty much the hottest day of the year to date. Yuppp! I got bloody married in heat! Anywho, we had a unforgettable day, inclusive of the sweat inducing heat! I got mega upset over things I didn’t imagine, and thoroughly enjoyed being in the day surrounded by loved ones all there to celebrate us as a couple.

The Honeymoon

The very next day we left our venue and headed to London Heathrow. For our honeymoon we wanted some exploring and some relaxing and some destinations we had never been to and wouldn’t get bored! Koh Samui was our first stop, with Singapore 10 days later. Like mentioned, we hit some glitches, yet had the most amazing time! Koh Samui was truly breathtaking and Singapore was a city that I never imagined to experience.

Of course, I will be posting lots of content from both the wedding and the honeymoon, starting this weekend. For now, we slip back into some kind of normality. Our body clocks are fuzzled and we both seem to be coming down with a cold. It still doen’t seem real that we are in fact husband and wife and all the plannin and preperation gave us the day we always wanted.

Whenever someone says your day will fly by, I resonate completely. Although, the day itself didn’t fly by, looking back it feels like it came and went so quickly.

So what now?

Back to business as usual it would seem! We have stumbled home to suitcases full of washing and wedding presents we are still yet to open. We had such a superb time experiencing new places together, we are both very eager to get booking on our next adventure.

Of course, there is the post wedding bits and pieces to crack on with including our wedding video, photographs, thank you notes and sorting and selling wedding accessories!

I actually really missed blogging whilst I was away, but the time in the sand gave me time to really consider my content and where I want to be heading in the coming months! Like mentioned, there will be lots of content coming up on the wedding and honeymoon, as well as new concepts and topics I really want to include on my site.

As more of you start to tune in and read my snippets online, I would love to hear more from you on what you’d like from me!

As always, let me know your thoughts and what you might like to see from me, hit up the comment section below.

Charlotte x