Personalised Pieces with oNecklace

Confession : I don’t have many necklaces. In fact I have just two (My beloved Tiffany which I received for my 18th and a gorgeous double heart personalised piece from my husband). For me, I really struggle to find the right length and style to be worthy of the purchase.

So, when I was approached by oNecklace to try some of their pieces, I was intrigued and sceptical. Would I find anything worthy of being part of my rather exclusive collection?

Firstly, It was ruddy hard to choose from their stunning range. Gorgeous pendants and designs, all personable. I finally decided on two pieces and was pretty excited to receive the products. I choose a rather fitting Roman numerical bar of our wedding date and a cute initial pendant. The best part of oNecklace is the fact you can choose the perfect length for whatever pendant. Having always wanted ‘the layered look’, I chose two different lengths. And you know what, I am in LOVE!

It’s been one whole month since these gorgeous pieces were sent and to say they have become a regular part of my jewellery collection day to day would be a understatement.

I am often receiving compliments on them, saying how they were both pretty yet unusual and complimented my look, even when I went casual.

Like mentioned, I haven’t been one to wear necklaces, especially multiple, on the regular. Undoubtedly, thanks to oNecklace and these two pieces, I am reaching for them before my engagement ring!

Have you ever tried their range?

What’s your favourite style?

Start some natter in the comment section below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Charlotte x

** This is a collaborative post with oNecklace. All opinions are my own.